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All through the week from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm
Watch the light and sound show.
INR 5.00 is charged for Indian while foreigners have to pay INR 125.00.For the light and sound show, tickets are available at INR 25.00 per head.
December - August
Families, Friends
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Shaniwar Wada

The Shaniwar Wada Palace was commissioned in the year of 1729 when Peshwa Baji Rao I ruled Pune. The scale on which this construction was carried out reflected the Peshwa’s larger than like attitude. The place is filled with tanks, fruit trees, sprawling courtyards, halls where the ruler would hold an audience, office rooms and a large portion where the Peshwa would stay. This place has a total of five gates each with a distinct name - Ganesh, Dilli, Narayan, Khidhi, Mastani and Jambhul darwazas. The place is royal and majestic and one cannot afford to give it a miss. The authorities also conduct a light and sound show.
Aarush Tandon
Shaniwar Wada is featured in the movie Bajirao Mastani so being a movie nerd that I am, I was really excited to make a visit to this place. It amazed me in many ways from it's absolutely fantastic architecture, cravings on the walls, long kept cannons.
This fort is at the heart of many folklores of the Maratha dynasty. Built in 1732, Shaniwarwad was home to the second Peshwa, Bajirao I. Although, most of the fort was destroyed during an unexplained fire that struck the fort in 1828, it is a major point of attraction for its grand appearance and magnificent gardens. It is also widely acknowledged as haunted, and hence, vsitors from all over the country come to experience its mysterious vibe. At the fort, you will also be able to spot the few shots that were depicted in Bajirao Mastani, so walk along its paved paths and feel like the powerful Bajirao yourself!
Aarush Tandon
Shaniwar Wada is featured in the movie Bajirao Mastani so being a movie nerd that I am, I was really to visit it. It amazed me in many ways, its architecture absolutely fantastic.
Rajat Chakraborty
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Sagnik Basu
Situated in the heart of city, you need lot drive through one of the most congested traffic routs of Pune, however if you are a history enthusiast this place is a good for a quick visit. Also some live shows are conducted in the evening, specially on weekends. My personal feedback, its nothing more than ruins of history which had not been preserved and with encroachments and most importantly littering and spoiling the heritage by us (visitors). Shaniwar wada is a massive complex which now forms a roundabout in Pune. I've only been there for the light and sound show which is not even worth the 30rs they charge. It starts at 7.30pm once The sun has set. The auditorium is at a 10 min walk from the entrance and there is no path indication. Seating is on first come first serve basis. The plastic seats are damaged and you need to be careful not to hurt yourself. Through the show a regular PA system narrate the Maratha history in Marathi. There is no major display of light so people start losing interest and talking amongst themselves. Once in a while various part of the dilapidated building and garden come on. The real horror begins when bee sized mosquitoes start attacking you. People then start walking out! Utter disappointment.