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Halong Bay Vietnam

Swetha Kumar
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Neha Bhise Sadalge
They can also be seen in the towering limestone pillars of the Halong Bay at Vietnam or at Ton Sai, Krabi in Thailand if you are far away from the lights.Best time to visit:July-February. Especially during the new moon when it is completely dark.3.Fireflies
Soumi Datta
Halong Bay is the most visited tourist destination in Vietnam - now I know why!!This place has over 2000 islands which were formed millions of years ago due to tectonic plate movements, and the best way to explore this place is on cruises, cruising in the alleyways formed by the islands!We chose the Dragon Legend cruise by Indochina Junk and had a really great experience. It is a big boat, and the cost includes night stay, plus all meals. You just have to pay for the extra drinks you go for. The staff is amazing, and they have a series of activities planned, which keeps you occupied - kayaking, swimming, going to the caves. And the food!! It is one of the best i have had. Plus, if you have any special dietary requirements, you can let them know beforehand and they will arrange for you accordingly.Watch the video to take a tour of the luxury cruise, visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGwpb4Pomvxd2GGIAdrR7Hw?view_as=subscriber for more Halong Bay videos. My high point from the trip has to be Kayaking in Halong bay!Indochina Junk has a couple of cruises at different price points. The Dragon Legend cost us approx US$ 200 per person for a 2 day 1 night trip.You can checkout more details on the below websites:Dragon Legend - https://www.dragonlegendcruise.com/Indochina Junk - https://www.indochina-junk.com/cruise-packages/You could also book from booking.com . Explore around and see where you find the best price! Happy cruising!The video is originally from:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGwpb4Pomvxd2GGIAdrR7Hw?view_as=subscriber
Archana Singh
Day 3 - 5: Go Cruising, 007 style on Halong Bay
melia mahajan
I had booked a one night stay in cruise through V-Spirit Cruise to Halong Bay, one of the UNESCO world heritage site. The tour costed around 150 Usd , included pick up, transfers, breakfast , lunch and dinner, visiting caves, visiting ti top island.
Petrichor Notes
One such interesting legend is that of Ha Long Bay, a popular island lying in the North of Vietnam . It states that long ago when the country was newly formed, the Vietnamese forefathers had to fight against invaders coming from the North by sea. The gods from the heavens watched on before sending the Mother Dragon and her children to help the Vietnamese to defend their country. The dragons descended upon the earth, incinerated the invaders and spat jewels of emerald that upon hitting the land, turned into islets that formed defensive walls. Today they still sit in Ha Long (The descending Dragon) and Bai Tu Long(Bow down to the Dragon Children) in form of approx 2968 karsts / islets.
Devraj Jee
A cruise in Halong Bay is something you always do when you are in Hanoi. We spent the extra few bucks and booked a party cruise (would strongly suggest this if you are not the introspective/honeymooning type) called Oasis Party Cruise. Their bus picked us up from our Hanoi hostel and drove us the 5 hours to Halong Bay. There we boarded the yacht where we were shown to our living quarters immediately which was gorgeous with a view to beat. One can either 2D1N or 3D2N trips with the latter staying an extra night in a bungalow on an island. We had booked the former due to our paucity of time. Point to note is that the itinerary of the trip is fixed and elaborately planned by the organizers and one should adhere to the same for the most optimum experience. Our first day started with a nice traditional Vietnamese lunch followed by kayaking around the islands (which I skipped due to my inexperience as a swimmer - huge regret). After the kayaking, there was a trampoline set up on the ocean but due to the extreme cold and wind, most people just gave up after a few jumps in the water and rushed into one of the 4 jacuzzis. This was followed by a hilarious session of Beer Yoga followed by a group photo and a dance performance by the staff on the boat. After that the party started in earnest as people danced, drank, chilled in the jacuzzis and/or huffed balloons into the night.