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Buddha Park

"The Buddha Park of Ravangla, otherwise called Tathagata Tsal, is located close to Rabong (Ravangla) in South Sikkim area, Sikkim, India. It was developed somewhere around 2006 and 2013 and highlights a 130-foot high statue of the Buddha as its center of attraction.The statue was consecrated on 25 March 2013 by the fourteenth Dalai Lama, and turned into a major stop by on the 'Himalayan Buddhist Circuit'. The statue of the Buddha marks the event of the 2550th conception commemoration of Gautama Buddha. The Buddhist circuit of this park was fabricated here under a State government venture, for boosting pilgrimage.The park region is perfectly finished making abundant walkway, gardens and space for guests to appreciate the quiet environment. The site summons excellent perspectives of the mountains and the profound climate of the area adds to the guest experience. The site likewise has extra base made for a museum meditation centre and for Buddhist gathering. "
Jayashree Sengupta
Beside the Buddha park is situated the old Rabong Gompa, a century old pilgrimage centre which later on extended to the present day Tathagatha Tsal.
Priyesh Kannoth
The Buddha Park of Ravangla has a 130-foot statue of Buddha as its centrepiece. It was built by the joint efforts of the Sikkim government and its people.
Tamanna Tamang
Haritha Priya
The Buddha Park hosts a beautiful statue of Sakyamuni Buddha.It is situated in southwest Sikkim near ravangla. The park area is beautifully landscaped creating ample walkway, gardens and space for visitors to enjoy the serene surroundings.
My driver was telling "sir, you have Buddha park there. A one of its kind in India." I was not having much idea about it. I guessed, it must be like all other park with a Buddha statue. But the first sight of Buddha statue changed my initial mindset. A big idol of Buddha on the top of a mountain in the centre of the park. The whole park and its surrounding was lush green. A beautiful chant of Buddham Sharanam Gachami was playing in the background in a different Chineses tune. The situation was masterpiece. Chill breeze touching my skin while they pass. All these will make a man to go into his soul and identify himself. After spending a quality 1hr in park I stepped inside Lord Buddha's shrine. Stunned with the wall painting and the hierarchy of the God's city at center, I stood amazed. It took another an hour and half for me to study and appreciate the the paintings and their devotion. The whole wall painting was done by specialists from the Himalayan Kingdom- Nepal. Winding up my days trip I headed towards Pelling. The time was 1845 hrs. It was dark. I was recollecting the day's journey and how coincidental everything was. Missing my cab to Pelling, a driver offering this trip else I would have missed a lot in this beautiful state.