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Copacabana Beach

Manu Peclat
From the COPACABANA FORT, we will head to the CORCOVADO MOUNTAIN, by car, driving pass the TIJUCA NATIONAL PARK, considered the world's largest urban forest inside a city's limits and visit the CHRIST REDEEMER STATUE, from where we will enjoy one of the most beautiful and breathtaking views of the city.Back on the way, as we drive down, we will halt by an unmissible stop at DONA MARTA's view point.
Manu Peclat
As we walk to the end of the Copacabana Beach, we'll reach the magnificent yet archaic entrance to the Copacabana Fort. This old army fort, with its preserved rooms and cannons, also brings along exhibition halls and live cafes where we can learn and share the history of the city with the friendly locals. The view to Pao de Acuacar and the Sugar Loaf mountains just adds to the scenic beauty of the place.
Manu Peclat
Promising to give you the most beautiful view of Rio, the Copacabana beach is one of the most colourful and lively places to be in Rio, and all those who've been here will agree with me. While you have the old stones of the Copacabana Fort standing on one side, the view of the other side gives away to the city's expanse, along side the waters of the ocean hitting the shores of the beach.
Sezen Sayoglu
Copacabana is the most famous beach in the world. This spot has lost little of its mystique and charm over the years, as it is still one of the most visited place in Rio. The seascape blending into the cityscape, and the wonderful backdrop of mountains, makes for a uniquely ethereal experience visually. A sun seeker's paradise always, Copacabana, and its sister Ipanema, have come to symbolize the jet set mistique or Rio de Janeiro. Some say this is the best place to experience the carioca spirit, the essence of the city. Lined with restaurants, hotels, and surrounded by the vibrant night life of Rio, no visitor could possible avoid (even if they wanted to) this legendary spot.