Pão de Açucar - Urca

Mohil Poojara
Pão de Açúcar (Sugar loaf mountains) – One of the world famous sights in Rio are the sugar loaf mountains. They are a set of two mountains situated just at the mouth of the Guanabara bay. This UNESCO world heritage site gives a mind blowing, panoramic view of the city.The trip up to the sugar loaf mountain is made in 2 stretches which are covered by cable cars starting from Praia Vermelha. The tickets cost around INR 1,600 per person. The first cable car takes you to a hill (Urca hill) which is about 220 meters above sea level. The second cable car takes you to the top of the sugar loaf mountain which is about 400 meter above sea level.Both the hill tops are bustling with activities and there are good eating places to sit and enjoy a good meal. I’ve heard that the view from the mountain is amazing in the night as well and one can enjoy a nice dinner enjoying the wonderful view of the city.