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River Walk

Most popular attraction in San Antonio was the River Walk, where walkways and restaurants line the San Antonio River. It is a beautiful place with water, bridges, cruise, birds, food and beer. You can enjoy a delicious Mexican cuisine and Texas Beer! Walk along the river or can take a guided cruise tour. The boat tours are the best escape from crowed of the city.
Prashanthi Pavadi.
River Walk is a 15 miles pathway alongside San Antonio river and you get to see lush greens, arched stone bridges and a stretch of vibrant and iconic umbrellas at the restaurants as you walk through the caved path. River walk is open 24/7 so you can stroll around the pathway and get immersed in its beauty or you can go on a guided boat tour for 30 mins and get an insight of the city`s eternal charm. The captain or the guide will keep you engaged throughout the tour with their interesting stories about the history, architecture, and culture of the city.What's fascinating is that most of the hotels around the San Antonio river have a private pathway which leads to the river walk.
Gargi Vishnoi
One of the best places I have ever seen where there is scrumptous food, culture, architecture all thrown in together. A canal runs in the midst of the city and malls and restaurants run parallel to this canal. You find ducks randomly roaming around among the crowd. There is so much energy in the place that it automatically charges you. Visit this place preferably after dusk.