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It was me and my cousin who were travelling together and because we were not able to hire a car we decided to take a bus from San Jose to Los Angeles(LA) which was almost a 7 hrs drive....

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100 Universal City Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 9160
A thrilling amusement park.
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200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation, Santa Monica, CA 9040
Beaches, Ferris wheel, cool breeze and music.
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A quick dash to Tijuana on the Mexican border, San Diego is a nice city with nice weather and perhaps some of the nicest people in California. I’ve made several trips here and I always felt relaxed in the city. It doesn’t have that hustle and bustle that other U.S. cities have. Or at least I’ve never sensed it. Come enjoy its beaches, its restaurants and its chilled nightlife. One of the few places in the United States you can actually swim in the Pacific Ocean and not feel you will freeze to death.

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This year February, i was in #LasAngles and got one day free for some sightseeing. I decided to go to Universal Studio. Being a non working day, It was a lot of crowd there. I started with the Simpson ride first and quite enjoy it. Then i was waiting in the queue for the tour bus of Universal Studio, where they take everyone to show around the sets of Hollywood and a lot more.There was one Korean girl standing next to me in the line and she requested if her friends can join in the line. I was ok with it so i said sure not a problem. She called her other Korean friend who joined her. After few minutes they asked if other friends join too, so i just smiled. I have been to Korea many times so i knew some basic Korean words. I just greeted them saying "anyohaseyo"(which means hello in Korean). They were more excited than surprised and then we started interacting throughout the ride. I came to know that two of them(Jeni and Kate) were settled in NYC since birth and visited other friend(Mini) who was settled in LA.As i was alone so they invited me to join them for the rest of the day. Mini was living in LA from a long time and had been to the theme park many times, so was the best local person who could help me :)

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Best time to visit Los Angeles is from February to June and from September to November
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