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Alcatraz Island

Penning Silly Thoughts
If you are able to book Alcatraz island tour, that would easily take 5 hours of your day.If you are not able to book the Alcatraz Island tour, and are still very interested you can look for tours that take you just around the island so you can still take pictures of the island from outside while enjoying the ferry ride. Details on other options can be found here.
The biggest and best day of the trip !I went for a 10am visit to Alcatraz Island ! So excited about this.I went with AlcatrazCruises which has the best rate, I paid $31 (at the time, I looked it up doing this article and it’s $35 now).FYI - I recommend buying your tickets ahead of time, like 2 weeks in advance because it gets full pretty fast !You have the choice between a day tour or night tour, which can be quite interesting ;)It’s a self-guided tour, audio included which is great, it explains you so much stuff and you have some prison background noises - loved it.
Cammy Anderson
Two Days in and we end up in prison..... Alcatraz, "break the rules you go to prison, break prison rules you go to Alcatraz!" superb day sad to say we move from San Francisco to La tomorrow. #livingthedream #brilliantday #noregrets
Manjari Gummidipundi
Referred to as to 'Rock' , formerly a federal prison and currently a national recreation area ; received designation as a 'national historical landmark' in 1986!
Magandeep Singh
Alcatraz... Should you do it? Of course. History is always fun when it involves deceit and crime and the perpetrators of such. Did I visit? No. Next time.