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Bison Paddock

Michael Pargal
This is the day we left for Yosemite. We had booked a car from Hertz on The pick up kiosk was conveniently located within our hotel. But since we were leaving at 2pm, we had time to make one last SF stop. We had breakfast in the Oak Room at the Westin. Beautiful old timey restaurant with mediocre food and service. We then took an Uber to the Bison paddock. I'd heard that there are Bison that are being bred in the Golden Gate Park for a century but had to see it first hand to believe it. It's unbelievable. These majestic beasts are sitting around in a meadow in the middle of a busy city. No one told us to visit this park but it is so beautiful, I highly recommend it. From the Bisons, we walked over to the dog park where the highly energetic pooches were running around. The next stop was a beautiful pond with lots of gulls, ducks and mallards. We were on our way to the Japanese tea garden and saw many pretty sights on the stroll. Definitely worth a visit.In the afternoon we started our long and arduous journey to Yosemite. We were stuck in jams for over 2 hours getting out of the city. We only got to Yosemite at 9:30pm which is far too late to be driving in the hills. We checked into our large and well appointed log cabin Alpenglow1 and settled in quite easily for the night.Tip 6: Pack enough food and water when you go to Yosemite and ensure you have a full tank of gas. Amenities are few and far betweenTip 7: If Yosemite is on your itinerary, book accommodation at least 3 months in advance. There are very few options inside the park and they sell out pretty quickly.