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My afternoon was spent wandering around Union Square, and headed to Chinatown. I ended up in the Fortune Cookie Factory - so hard to find, in a little alley - where you can see the ladies shape the cookies and you get to try them, always down for free food !From all of the US, San Francisco’s Chinatown is the best, I think. It made me want to discover Asia so bad ! I saw men read Chinese newspaper, the bus speaker announce stops in Chinese before Spanish ! Incredible how big the Asian community is.--> Watch the video down below to see more :)Telegraph Hill is a nice climb to do, where Coit Tower is. To get in the Tower costs $7, no thanks I’d rather enjoy the pretty decent view of the bridge from the parking lot.
Manjari Gummidipundi
The Chinatown, centered in San Francisco, is the oldest Chinatown in North America and the largest Chinese community outside China.
Kirsten Alana
Chinatown, and the area surrounding it, in San Francisco is a wealth of colorful contradiction. I had the pleasure of walking San Francisco on foot, on two different days during my trip to the Bay Area and the day that I spent in Chinatown and the FInancial District was a feast for the eyes. It was a day where sensory overload was a sort of job hazard. I was so overwhelmed by all there was to see and photograph, I forgot. Forgot to buy the silk kimono I’d been dying to get, forgot to photograph whole windows I was enthralled by because I just stood staring at the displays of colorful wares and forgot to stop and eat at one of the little noodle cafes that made my mouth water on every block! I just walked…and then sat, for a while, in St. Mary’s Square Park. It’s a place right in the middle of the city that is an oasis of calm and green and growth. And for me, of peace and zen. Yet there are contradictions even there, hard metal lines, decay and metal sculpture break up the garden atmosphere and contradict the soft colorful lines of the children’s playground in the corner. I know this is cheesy, but on my walking tours I really did feel like I might float away on a cloud of happiness. I feel energized and alive in places like Chinatown, San Francisco.
Of all the Chinatowns, this one reminds me the most of Hong Kong (minus the fish blood all over the alley). Great food and some fun souvenir shopping!
Chris Hardman
Board the brightly colored Magic Bus at 280 Geary Street in Union Square, San Francisco, just across from Macy’s and closest to the corner of Geary and Powell streets. Your journey through time begins as you are transported from Union Square to Chinatown, a culturally vibrant pocket of San Francisco that is home to the largest populations of Chinese in America. Chinatown was a major influence on American exposure to eastern philosophies in the 1960s and beyond.