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Golden Gate Bridge

Avanthika Musipatla
Ajita Mahajan
Depending on what time slot you get for the Alcatraz tour, you can plan to stroll on the Golden Gate Bridge and visit the neighboring Fort Point. You can also walk around the much talked Union Square in downtown SF.Places to eat atI can recommend just one restaurant for Day 2 since it is the only place I had a proper meal that day. I stopped by Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe for lunch (or an evening meal, whatever). It was a small cozy restaurant with a seating place for about 10-15 people. I had Pad Thai noodles and some Iced coffee which was good enough to keep me full for rest of the evening.Day 3Places to see
Nishad Kulkarni
No matter at what time of the day you go, this architectural wonder will always be shrouded in mist and fog. If you’re very lucky then you might be able to see the full length of this bridge. Visit the Golden gate park nearby and gaze at the bridge.
Jatin Jindal
I had always seen the Golden Gate Bridge as a shot in movies or tv series and had always fantasized of going there and there it was in front of my eye around 5 miles away from me , it was more like a piece of art were this 1.6 km bridge is held suspended on 2 pillars connected via only 2 cables . But before reaching , there was yet another stop I had to make and that was the Lombard Street , the world’s most crooked roads .For those who don’t know its a steep, one-block section with eighth airpin turns . Because of these sharp 8 turns it has earned the title of the most crooked street . I shot a video of it while we drove down the lombard street . It was a very well maintained street paved by red bricks and surrounded by beautiful plants and some trees. One of the many things i loved about this city was the roadways, since san francisco is a city built over more than 50 hills , the roads are steep and surrounded by skyscrappers .The other thing I loved about the city was the Golden Gate Bridge , as we approached the bridge the weather seemed to change drastically . 10 minutes before we had air conditioning switched on and now it was like we need some heaters on , the clouds became more dense , the wind speed was high and everything turned foggy and misty (remember , i visited the place in summers) . Till the time I reached the golden gate bridge it was half covered in fog and as soon as I got out of the car i could feel the cool breeze whisking through me giving me goosebumps that i had never felt before . I have been to places with snow but this city (even without the snow) was way more cold then them . It was a perfect place for bicyclist as one can rent bicycles and ride it over the Golden Gate bridge in the bicycle lane on both sides of the bridge . On the other side of the Golden Gate bridge was the Alcatraz Island , former prison turned into a visitor centre . Featured in many of the Hollywood media like x-men , catch me if u can and many more , one can reach the Alcatraz Island by boarding their ride from the fisherman's warf .Next on my list was Pier 39 which was a shopping center made on a pier in the bay area and consists of shops , restaurants , street performances and is also the home to sea lions hauled on docks . Personally these sea lions smell a bit stingy to me but it was a good sight to see so many sea lions as I have not seen them before. Me being a party freak had an amazing time with the nightlife this city offered me . The clubs were super cool and I went club hopping from one to another , dancing like hell which i am quite fond off.To get the aerial view of the San Francisco city we went onto the Twin Peaks , the highest elevation point in the bay area . It was already dark and foggy on our way to top but once we reached there , the high velocity fog and cold breeze froze me completely . It was not the wind but the misty fog that was blistering through the couple of jackets I was wearing , and this is what it looks like from top .At the end of the day , this city made me fall in love with her of which 75% is credited to the mystical foggy winds that blow here year-round.Travelogue first published by
Stacey Mendoz
This was a part of my extended business trip and I decided to meet up with a friend in San Fran.