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Golden Gate Bridge

Jatin Jindal
I had always seen the Golden Gate Bridge as a shot in movies or tv series and had always fantasized of going there and there it was in front of my eye around 5 miles away from me , it was more like a piece of art were this 1.6 km bridge is held suspended on 2 pillars connected via only 2 cables . But before reaching , there was yet another stop I had to make and that was the Lombard Street , the world’s most crooked roads .For those who don’t know its a steep, one-block section with eighth airpin turns . Because of these sharp 8 turns it has earned the title of the most crooked street . I shot a video of it while we drove down the lombard street . It was a very well maintained street paved by red bricks and surrounded by beautiful plants and some trees. One of the many things i loved about this city was the roadways, since san francisco is a city built over more than 50 hills , the roads are steep and surrounded by skyscrappers .The other thing I loved about the city was the Golden Gate Bridge , as we approached the bridge the weather seemed to change drastically . 10 minutes before we had air conditioning switched on and now it was like we need some heaters on , the clouds became more dense , the wind speed was high and everything turned foggy and misty (remember , i visited the place in summers) . Till the time I reached the golden gate bridge it was half covered in fog and as soon as I got out of the car i could feel the cool breeze whisking through me giving me goosebumps that i had never felt before . I have been to places with snow but this city (even without the snow) was way more cold then them . It was a perfect place for bicyclist as one can rent bicycles and ride it over the Golden Gate bridge in the bicycle lane on both sides of the bridge . On the other side of the Golden Gate bridge was the Alcatraz Island , former prison turned into a visitor centre . Featured in many of the Hollywood media like x-men , catch me if u can and many more , one can reach the Alcatraz Island by boarding their ride from the fisherman's warf .Next on my list was Pier 39 which was a shopping center made on a pier in the bay area and consists of shops , restaurants , street performances and is also the home to sea lions hauled on docks . Personally these sea lions smell a bit stingy to me but it was a good sight to see so many sea lions as I have not seen them before. Me being a party freak had an amazing time with the nightlife this city offered me . The clubs were super cool and I went club hopping from one to another , dancing like hell which i am quite fond off.To get the aerial view of the San Francisco city we went onto the Twin Peaks , the highest elevation point in the bay area . It was already dark and foggy on our way to top but once we reached there , the high velocity fog and cold breeze froze me completely . It was not the wind but the misty fog that was blistering through the couple of jackets I was wearing , and this is what it looks like from top .At the end of the day , this city made me fall in love with her of which 75% is credited to the mystical foggy winds that blow here year-round.Travelogue first published by
Stacey Mendoz
This was a part of my extended business trip and I decided to meet up with a friend in San Fran.
Frodo of Shire
The first day, after a long flight across the coasts, we decided to visit the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. No amount of pictures prepared me for the magical sight of the bridge. It is absolutely a stunning view and leaves your awestruck at the very first sight. The ‘international orange’ colour of the bridge catches your eye the moment you see it from afar. Go up to the vantage point for ‘the view’ of the bridge. Here you can take as many pictures from the angles and never get enough still. However, that’s not all at the site. You will find locals heading towards a trail that goes down to somewhere in the trees. That trail will take you to the beach below and you will be walking for 15 minutes in the shade of pine and other trees. Slowly at the end, the camping grounds will emerge and if you refuse to go that path, keep heading straight, find your self on a quaint beach with water waves lapping the shores, a swing hanging by a tree and a wooden platform where you can sit or have picnic at the benches. You can spend half of your day there and not be disturbed by people as not many of them know or come there. Make it back to the bridge just in time for the sunset. It will be a magical day.
I walked further down and suddenly... Just like that... It was right there... The iconic Golden Gate Bridge.. It truly was looking like a marvel... and like a scene out of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes with a cloud stuck on them. I saw it and hoped as the day progressed that the clouds would clear out .. Well the whole sky did clear out but those clouds stayed stuck on the top of the bridge. I walked all around the Yacht Harbor while a couple of young sweaty athletes or joggers offered to take pictures of me. Of-course I was flattered.. And they would then carry on wishing me a lovely day ahead.Now what I did not realise was that I had already walked over a mile and had reached the joggers area; so when I asked people for directions to Pier 33 for my Alcatraz tour they pointed me towards the walking trails. I felt very proud of myself when on returning back to India, I went online and checked that in a matter of hours, I had another walked 4.5 kms that day! You know nowadays we all are needy for information and we think too much, I on the other hand don't like too much information and am a pretty one step at a time person.. It's like ever since they have put up the timers at the traffic signals, I find myself staring at them hoping it turns green and the wait now seems longer than it did before. Earlier we would talk and look at each other but now most people just sit there staring at the timer.. counting down. So when the people said that way... I kept walking that way... never asked how far...when I would get tired I sat down and when the pain kicked in... I sat a little longer... The walk was so full of picture perfect scenes and other walkers and joggers of all ages that it was easy for me to draw energy from them. 
Dave Barger
The gentle glow spreading across the horizon is a sight worth beholding. As the darkness breaks in, cross the eternal Golden Gate Bridge. Stop at the Battery Spencer and snap the classic view of the bridge under the watch of the radiant sky. Be a drifting small part of this dauntingly large city, even though for just a day. You will be heading home with a unique collection of phenomenal pictures of the this memorable city.
Dave Barger
The best part of this trip is that you can explore the city from any which way you desire. But this itinerary will help you from the start to the end point, so you can reach these places at the right time to capture the best view. This trip is a guide to the places to see in San Francisco in just a day. Get in your car and follow it as per your ease. If you don’t have a car, the Bay has a supreme (by American standards) transport system called The Bart, which should be able to transport you to most places for reasonable costs. I started my photo journey from soaking in the great panorama of Twin Peaks and moved further along to a more artsy vista of Haight-Ashbury District and Mission District. These places do not usually feature on many itineraries. It's quite a shame!
Great way to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Wonderful city views. Check Groupon, Living Social, and Travelzoo first! There are always specials! We did the Escape from the Rock cruise and it was 2 for 1!
We also visited Pier 39 ,Muir Woods,Sausalito area,Fishermans Wharf.Actually drove through the city crossing the Golden Gate bridge,Union Square,Chinatown.SF has a very European feel as a city.One of the things to do in SF is looking for artistic stairways.We found one.There are actually stairway walks which you can take.SF city’s weather is pleasant and a wonderful change from its neighbouring cities.
Karthik Rao V
It is an internationally famous world class tourist destination attracting visitors from all over the globe making it one of the best places to visit in one's lifetime. It contains some of California's iconic landmarks which includes the mighty Golden Gate Bridge and the famous Alcatraz.The city is so breathtakingly beautiful that once William Henry Irwin said " “Perpetual spring, the flare of adventure in the blood, the impulse of men who packed Virgil with their bean-bags on the overland journey, conspired to make San Francisco a city of artists”. It also has some of the best world class restaurants which serve utterly delicious local and international cuisines making it a treat for epicures. Here are some of the best handpicked things to do in the city of San Francisco. Although these are very few in number they give you an experience you can never forget in your lifetime. Do visit us again if you need many more things to in San Francisco.Image Credits : Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, Palace of Fine Arts, Legion of Honor, Twin Peaks.
Vandana Vijay
Fog tumbling over the glistening golden gate bridge, while gently unveiling itself to show its full glory. A draft of cool breeze blowing down the slopes of the city with lanes dotted with colourful homes while cable cars toot their way down the slopes. San Francisco, is a city like no other!This city built on 43 hills within a 7 by 7 mile radius fringing the Pacific Ocean has survived fires and devastating earthquakes, but still stands strong with a character of its own.
Shubhangi Jeswal
The first on my list was the most famous landmark of San Francisco which is the Golden Gate Bridge. I still remember how windy and cold it was that day but the site of the bridge just mesmerised me. The Golden Gate Bridge is the first and the largest suspension bridge in the world. I could see people who had come there for their morning walks and cycling. I so wanted to do all of that but time didn't permit me to do that.
Alamo Square and his famous Painted Ladies, Castro (gay neighborhood), Mission Dolores Park. OMG let’s talk about this park for a second. It’s the best spot ever. It overlooks the whole city, I was mesmerized. Guess what, it was raining again. But, Mission Park, with the sun, a towel, some food, drinks, a book.. you feel me ? Per-fect spot.In short, one of my favorite cities ever, I’ll be back asap !! And if you want to see more here's my little video, share and subscribe if you'd like to see more about the USA
So bizarre to be in a place you've seen tons of pictures of. Feeling so grateful to be there. SF was my #1 city I wanted to see when coming in the US, and I ended up doing it last, it was well deserved !Now, to find a spot without tourists is so hard, even in the middle of the week, even in the rain. Yep, that’s how touristy attractions are. I probably stood there for 30 freakin minutes before being able to shot some pictures / videos without anybody in the frame (at some point I actually asked a group to get out of the way lol)I crossed the bridge all the way to the end, where you have a view point and I wanted to cross it from the other side. Not easy to find my way, you have to go under the tunnel with the cars.As I was biking my way back on the other side of the bridge, a biker came up to me as if 'winter was coming', telling me to hurry because fog and thunder were about to hit. So I did pedal a little harder to avoid a shower and the 'rain walkers'.
Vandana Vijay
5. The Golden Gate BridgeHeralded as one of the top ten construction achievements of the 20th century this suspension bridge spans across the Golden gate strait connecting San Francisco to northern California. Walk across the colossal bridge to tick of the touristy "must do's" from your bucket list.
Karthik Rao V
Stretching an enormous 4,200 feet wide and towering a mammoth 750 feet above the sea level, the majestic 'Golden Gate Bridge' is one of the internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco and has been declared as one of the wonders of modern world. Connecting the Marin County and the city of San Francisco this monumental structure stands as a intellectual engineering icon making it a must visit place in San Francisco.
Manjari G.
The bridge is one of the internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco ,California, and United States of America. It is considered as one of the 'Wonders of modern world'.
Clearly a MUST DO on any San Francisco sightseeing trip. If you're going over the bridge on a tour bus, bundle up! It's windy and cold!
Dave Barger
Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at night will be one of the highlights of this trip. Take the first exit after the bridge on the right, cross back under it and follow the road up the hill for several fantastic vantage points of the bridge. Park the car before the roundabout and track the bright light from downtown until you see the Transamerica Pyramid framed by the bridge. On the way back down, stop at the Battery Spencer. It is a perfect place to get out and walk towards the cliff and try and click some shots before you bid goodbye to the city. Travel Tip- The bridge us free to leave the city, but costs 6 bucks to come back in.
Magandeep Singh
Like the Statue of Liberty, the best pictures of it are from away. Sure you can get on it and one way is toll-free too but then you end up on the other side and with still a hollow sense of achievement. The curious fog in the city has a lovely effect of cleaning up the air as also creating some stunning visual effects. The downside, you will barely see the Golden Gate Bridge unless it is an exceptionally clear day or you are driving on it. Please don’t jump off it, there is enough bad publicity as it is surrounding this landmark. Did you know, by the way, that a replica exists in Lisbon, Portugal? Yep, right next to the Sacro Christi replica (the original being in Brazil in Rio). Kid you not I don’t, oh no sir.
Anthony Khoury
The first thing I did on reaching the city was borrow my cousin's car and experience what San Francisco has been known for- the Golden Gate Bridge. And it was the most remarkable drive and even a better view, for the driveway from the City to the Marin County and back was not merely any highway road trip but a drive along what was once the longest suspension bridge. Today also, when I look back on that drive, it seems to be one of the most fabulously designed architectural masterpiece!