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Tip : Rent a bike to explore faster and cover more distanceFun fact, I was with my little backpack waiting for bus 7 to take me up the city to meet a friend of mine. And a guy asked me the time and wandered if I was on the way to work. I loved this interaction. I don't why I just feel good when I blend in and people think I’m a local.Anywho, so I meet up with my friend in her neighborhood near Golden State Park and Haight Ashbury.Weather is out of our control. And it can be frustrating when you’re in such beautiful places without the sun. Everything would have been more enjoyable under the natural light and not rain drops. But eh, that’s how it is.
Dave Barger
One of the best things you’ll find in the Bay is the street art, particularly in San Francisco and Oakland. Haight-Ashbury District is a great place to soak up some public art and will greet you with its happening vibe. The tourist business may have replaced the Haight’s rebellious counterculture of the 60’s, but it still makes for a good afternoon walk.
Chris Hardman
As your Magic ride continues, modern San Francisco blends with the past while you travel through the Financial District and central Market Street en route to the crossroads of the Summer of Love, Haight and Asbury streets.