The Slanted Door

Michael Pargal
Our last stop was a highly recommended Vietnamese restaurant called the Slanted Door. It's located in the Ferry building on Embarcadero which is worth visiting even if you don't go for dinner. The food was delicious and fresh. Welcome after the tiring and long day we'd had.Tip 3: Make restaurant reservations a couple of weeks in advance, all the good places are always booked outFinally I was ready to hit the sack and head to the hotel. That's when my wife reminded me that we had drinks with friends at a bar called 620 Jones.Unfortunately when we lugged ourselves over there, they didn't let my wife enter because she wasn't carrying an ID!Tip 4: if you plan to drink or even enter a bar, be sure you always have your license or passport on you. You can't talk your way out of this one.