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Transamerica Pyramid

Dave Barger
After scurrying trough the art alleys, now is the time to gaze at all those city attractions enlisted on every travel Bible there is. Continue the trip with the city’s iconic sights like Transamerica Pyramid. If we have enough time to make it down to Baker’s Beach by sunset, there would be nothing like it. 
Manjari G.
This skyscraper once represented the headquarters of Transamerica Corporation. It is the tallest skyscraper in the San Francisco skyline. Completed in 1972, it is the eighth tallest building in the world.
Dave Barger
From here the route will take us through the heart of SOMA (South Market) and CBD (Community Benefit District). There are numerous shopping options and high-end restaurants here. But you won't be sorry about ditching them once you face the Embarcadero, Telegraph Hill or walk around Chinatown or gape at Transamerica Pyramid.