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Elephant Falls

Located a little outside the main city of Shillong in Meghalaya, this is a beautiful two tiered waterfall. The two parts are named as the Wir Phang falls and the Wei Laplam Falls. These two flow along dingles of rock and then blend together to justify its name which is the Elephant Falls. This is no doubt a must see in the state and people not only from other places but also from the same state cannot resist repeated trips to this tranquil destination. The place is much away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets and thus very peaceful and refreshing too. The monsoons are the time when you find the Elephant Falls in its full vigor with snow white, foamy water gushing down the falls. This ckear color makes the perfect combination with the shades of greenery around. There are also a number of medicial plants and shrubs whose goodness get infused in this therapeutic waters of the Falls.
We went to Elephant falls next which is just 6km away. It is a simple and beautiful three level waterfall. We had fun for sometime and proceeded to ML05 cafe for lunch which is very nearby.
Shruti Jain
A little far away from the city, Elephant falls is a very busy spot for travellers. You have to hike a little in order to reach the falls. But once you’ll reach the falls, you will be surprised with the enchanted view. You may have to wait for a while in order to get that perfect picture (coz of the crowd) but I’m sure it will be all worth it.
Pratyusha Sen
The magnificence of this giant three-drops waterfall enchanted us right from the moment we heard its cascading sheets of water. You'll find a stairway access to get down to the foot of the waterfall and watch it in wonder.
Sanghita Nandi
Post lunch, we drove to Elephant Falls. The place got its name due to its 2-tier cascading falls that looks like an elephant's trunk. There is a stairway that leads to the first tier of the falls and then goes further down till the point where the falls forms a small basin. One needs to be careful on the stairs as they are quiet steep and slippery. We left the place before sundown, as everything in Shillong closes down by 7 p.m.
Akshansh Singh
The picture explains everything, it is a beautiful water fall and a perfect spot for photos, there's a park as well just in front of the fall where you can sit and chill, but as were already late we just stayed there for 45 minutes. After which we started our journey back to Shillong with an awesome weather and a bag full of memories. With this our two days bike trip to Meghalaya came to an end. And I would suggest this to everyone that, 'Once a year, go somewhere you have never been before'.TOTAL EXPENDITURE- Rs. 6,000.TWO PEOPLE- 3,000 PER HEAD.INCLUDES FOOD, TRAVELLING, HOTEL AND OTHER EXPENDITURES.
Sohinee Basu
Elephant Falls:There are basically three layers of the waterfall, which is accessible by stairs.
Priya Sharma
I did not see much water in the falls as the falls only have water in Monsoon.
Abha Singh
Elephant falls is also worth a stop on the way ...
Manoj D Kashyap
While back from Eco park to Shillong, We arrived at this spot. The Elephant falls. It is a three step falls, wide and colorful. It attracts Many small birds that keep chirping somewhere in an otherwise the silent surroundings.
 Footloose Dev
Elephant Falls: There can’t be anything more romantic than snuggling with your lover and watching a collection of falls merging into one. Well, that’s the Elephant Falls located 8 km from Shillong. While the Elephant Falls is a popular tourist destination, it’s still very rural and close to nature. There are lodges and cabin rentals, plenty of trails to walk, hand in hand and an abundance of secluded areas where you can steal a kiss under the stars.
Sandy N Vyjay
Elephant Falls
Next on the way to Cherrapunji you can experience Zip lining. Must try. It is beautiful journey as you travel through clouds on your way.
Our first stop is Elephant Falls, which is on the way to Cherrapunji. There are 3 levels as you go down to the final level of waterfalls.
Elephant FallsThe three step waterfall is the last point in this journey. It is located in Shillong and can be easily accessible on your way back from any of the above mentioned view points. Since a rock (destroyed in a earthquake) resembled an elephant, the falls has been named after it.
Christopher Jacob
Day 4: Elephant FallsBy that evening, we decided to visit Elephant Falls. I'm not a big fan of touristy places. I'm kind of an off-beat person. However, we enjoyed the waterfalls. We climbed all the way down to catch a glimpse of all the three falls.
It has three falls. However, the third fall is the best and the biggest and you can stop by here for some good captures with the fall in the background.
 Footloose Dev
Elephant fall: Lying around 12 kms from Shillong, Elephant falls occupies one of the top positions in things-to-do in Shillong guides, and well it's totally worthy of all the mentions.
Darshan H. Ranpara
The Elephant falls were nice to see. We enjoyed listening pleasant sound of falls. But people were not allowed enter the water falls. After some time, we went to next place which was Shillong peak. Shillong peak is under the Airforce premises. So our driver took permission token from the Airforce staff and we went towards Shillong peak enjoying the beautiful views all around. Entire Shillong was visible from the peak and it was very nice to watch.
Shikha Singh
Elephant Falls - Shillong.**Snippets: Highly known for it's rich Flora and Fauna and surrounded by many sacred Forests, one is advised to carry a tent to spend a night or two in the forest, if you dare to.
Gunjan Upreti
The original Khasi name for the falls was ‘Ka kshaid lai pateng khohsiew’ (three steps waterfalls), because the falls actually consisted of three sections in succession.Elephant Falls in Meghalaya solely holds the attraction of Upper Shillong. Especially in the rainy season.Elephant Falls is located about 12km from the busy city of Shillong.
A big fat 3 tier waterfall a few kms from Shillong.
Vineet Kumar
Due to the monsoon rains, this was at its best, part of the Shillong circuit, this fall is a good view and is easily accessible.
Radhika Murthy
The cascading white water over the black rock is definitely a sight to behold.
Mridul Gogoi
Located in upper Shillong, this captivating waterfall is also an amalgamation of other smaller waterfalls adding to the pristine beauty of the surroundings.
Karandeep Mehra
Shillong is full of waterfalls and water-bodies. From the Wards lake, to the Sweet Falls and the Bishop-Beacon Falls, these water bodies make up a large part of Shillong’s tourist attraction. Since, our trip was more about journeying rather than nestling into one place, we had to make a choice as to the place we would visit, so we decided to go to Elephant Falls. The name might suggest a water-body of elephantine proportions, but that really isn’t the case. The name came up due to a rock that shared a likeness with the animal, a rock that incidentally isn’t there anymore. Elephant Falls is more a collection of numerous falls that finally flow into a small lake, a series that you can walk along as you trace the flow of the water. Aided and abetted by the greenery of the Khasi Hills, where it is located, the Falls make for a lovely walk while being serenaded by the sound of the gushing and falling water.