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Elephant Falls

Located a little outside the main city of Shillong in Meghalaya, this is a beautiful two tiered waterfall. The two parts are named as the Wir Phang falls and the Wei Laplam Falls. These two flow along dingles of rock and then blend together to justify its name which is the Elephant Falls. This is no doubt a must see in the state and people not only from other places but also from the same state cannot resist repeated trips to this tranquil destination. The place is much away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets and thus very peaceful and refreshing too. The monsoons are the time when you find the Elephant Falls in its full vigor with snow white, foamy water gushing down the falls. This ckear color makes the perfect combination with the shades of greenery around. There are also a number of medicial plants and shrubs whose goodness get infused in this therapeutic waters of the Falls.
Rinki Popli
The next destination was Elephant Falls. It will take atmost 30 mins of your time. From there, I left for Umiam lake. I had to wait for ~45 mins to share the boat ride, but it was worth it. The lake is beautiful and the boat ride was pleasant.
Akash Bhatte
8) Elephant Falls (15kms , 30mins ) 5PM
Arun Kumar P
We then reached the parking slot in 3 hours and it was a memorable one. Everyone's dress was drenched with sweat and took rest for sometime. Driver was on time and we boarded the traveller.Our next destination is Elephant Falls, it was a 3 storeyed falls. A view point on each layer of the waterfalls, it was good. Highlight of that venue, was trying out the Khasi tribal dress. Everyone changed to that attire and took the snaps.We then reached to Air Force Museum nearby, spent some time in it. Few prototypes of the missile and aircraft were available.
Dhiren Bhagtani
2. 3 Steps Waterfall/Elephant Falls - Elephant falls is probably the first fall that you'll see in Meghalaya. Due to the resemblance of rock to the elephant, Britishers named the falls as Elephant falls. The rock was later destroyed in an earthquake. The fall is also called the 3 steps waterfall as it is a three-tier waterfall. This may not be the best waterfall in Meghalaya but it is definitely worth your time.
Sourav Ghosh
The rock resembling a shape of an elephant is the reason of its name being Elephant falls, a few stairs away , it gives a view worth cherishing.