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When in Shimla City
The road opens from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm.
For items from the Kullu Valley, this is the place is where you will get them.
Budget for shopping
All year
Families, Couples
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The Mall

The place is abuzz with activity all through the year and is the heart of the town of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. While one may want to go shopping here, this place is home to some ver famous malls and shopping complexes like the Hong Kong Market. A number of restaurants and cafes dot the street and one can drop by any of them for a snack and drink. One is reminded of a carnival at The Mall, as the mood is full of fun, frolic, merry making and delicious food. A good thing here is that no vehicles are allowed to play here, so that one can stroll around peacefully without being honked at.
Jackson Aishwarya
So we came back to Shimla in the evening around 5:30PM. Checked into the Bhoot Bungalow we booked and started walking up from Lakkar Bazaar which was hardly 100m from our stay.When you check Google for places to visit in Shimla you will see a list like thisMall Road, The Ridge, Christ Church ,Scandal Point, Lakkar Bazar.These are not different places but just different parts of Mall Road. All these places are to be visited by walking as no vehicles are allowed. It will only take like 2 hours maximum to check out these places. Go here in the evening you will see really great lighting around coming from the cafes and small shops and also breath taking view of the hills shimmering with lights from houses.If you like to try Tibetan food, cafés and Pubs then mall road is a good place for you. Since I'm from Bangalore which is like the hub of cafes and pubs I din find this place much interesting.Shopping in Lakkar Bazar for Winter wear is a great idea if you are good at negotiating.
Riya Ghosh
First day in Shimla started with drizzle followed by thunderstorm.I thought to spend the day like lazy tourist and roam around the mall road and explore the city.The mall road of Shimla has so much to offer from hotels ,bars to banks ,shops etc.The Mall road is connected to the Ridge which is the cultural hub of the city.It runs east to west alongside the Mall Road, and joins it at the Scandal Point on the west side. On the east road leads to Lakkar Bazaar.The Christ Church, having neo-gothic architecture is one of the prominent landmarks in the Ridge Road.
Vishal Jain
In the evening take a leisurely walk around the Mall Road in Shimla. Enjoy the sunset, see the Christ Church, do some shopping if you wish and then enjoy food in one of the several restaurants.
Vishal Jain
7. Walk around the Mall Road Shimla
Radhika N Prince