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When in Shimla City
The road opens from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm.
For items from the Kullu Valley, this is the place is where you will get them.
Budget for shopping
All year
Families, Couples
6 out of 80 attractions in Simla

The Mall

The place is abuzz with activity all through the year and is the heart of the town of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. While one may want to go shopping here, this place is home to some ver famous malls and shopping complexes like the Hong Kong Market. A number of restaurants and cafes dot the street and one can drop by any of them for a snack and drink. One is reminded of a carnival at The Mall, as the mood is full of fun, frolic, merry making and delicious food. A good thing here is that no vehicles are allowed to play here, so that one can stroll around peacefully without being honked at.
Japleen Kaur
After four months of strolling on the mall road, making new friends, celebrating Christmas and chasing milky way, I decided to move to Tirthan. This part of Himachal had narrow valleys, less people and a whole lot of love.
Prasenjit Manik
Note: You get to park you car near LIFT (elevator which will take you to mall road, can ask localities for the same) and walk for a minute to reach at the LIFT.
Aditya Rathore
There we experienced the Hot Sulphur Spring (yes it's still there, go see them before they too dry out). I filled some of it in a bottle and bought it back home. We encountered 3 refuelling stations on our way back to Shimla but since our fuel tank was still showing mid-way so we decided to leave for Shimla. We forgot that our journey would be up hill and so we hit our reserve when we reached Naldera. It was a risky move but we managed to cover 30 more kilometres and reached Shimla. 
Pradeepta Mathur
Day 3 we kept as leisure as we wanted to experience the city life too. So we explored it's various restaurants which served us it's local cuisine. We spent half of our day on Mall Road which is again very famous for shopping, it has many eateries where you will find dishes of every state of India. So you can relax, enjoy, have fun and do what you wish to.