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Shashank Shekhar
I was very young when I saw Mission Kashmir movie and I always wanted to visit Shikara house boat and roam around dal lake. I took auto from road and asked him to drop me by dal lake. Once you reach Dal Lake, you will find hundred of option depending upon your budget. Average cost of boat will be between Rs 500- 800 with three to four hour of journey.
Road to Taste
A sunset is considered to be the nature's farewell kiss for the night and it becomes more special and beautiful if it is captured at the charmingly beautiful Dal Lake in Srinagar.
Woke up to the most beautiful sunrise which is indescribable. We are not early risers, but we had decided to wake up at 5.30 am to witness the gorgeous sunrise. The morning sunrise was accompanied with many birds and our flower man – Shanawaz. He was the most famous flower buds seller at Dal Lake and ended up selling buds to us too although it wasn’t in our shopping list. He gave me a flower boat ride too and I also tried my hands with the oars. It was an amazing experience. We sipped our morning tea while watching the locals starting their early morning routines. It felt so calm and peaceful and we could spend hours sitting at the houseboat and viewing the nature around us.
Soul & Fuel
Anil Kumar
Our next visit was to the main jewel crown of Srinagar city, the Dal Lake. The life floats on water here. From flower markets to pharmacy to people to goods to sellers to buyers and each and every one make this Lake a lovely one to see. The Shikhara ride is a must if you visit Srinagar.