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Dal Lake

Sakie Ariyawansa
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Amir Farooq
As soon as you land in Srinagar, the first thing that comes to your mind is Dal Lake. The first thing that every traveler or tourist wants to see is Dal Lake. Dal Lake is situated at a distance of 7 kms from Srinagar Airport and 3 kms from Srinagar Bus stand or tourist center. This is one of the best lakes in India and one cannot miss it, so this becomes a must place in out itinerary. As soon as you reach Dal, you can see a lot of shikaras and houseboats (floating palace) there. If you are coming for the first time or like 5th time, shikara ride and staying in a houseboat never gets outdated. You can have a shikara ride and you can see the floating market as well as the char chinar( combination of 4 chinars). While going towards char chinar, you will see many lotus and lily plants. That side is full covered with lilies and lotus. Also you can also ask the shikara guy to stop you at the nehru park( a park in water). There you can click some nice pictures or there is a cafe where you can hand out. Then you can spent your night ina houseboat. It's worth an experience. You will be shocked to see the interiors of a houseboat. It's full wood carved,couple of rooms with attached washrooms, a balcony where you will be served with local food( also according to your preference). In the evening you can see on thrle houseboat shack and you can gaze at the stars under water and you will feel the cold breeze striking you from each side.And when you will wake up in the morning, you will see people moving in small boats and shikaras. School children wearing uniforms and their father or mother dropping them at the ghat. People coming in Shikaras to sell you their things. Local jewelleries, flowers or asking you to take pictures in Dal wearing traditional costumes. You shouldn't miss this experience at all when in Kashmir. Truly Dal is the crown of Srinagar .
Rajen Thapa
Today was the 8th day of our trip and we had to reach the city of Jammu which was another 479.3 km ,approx 13 h 44 min.Likewise this trip was getting over as we headed back to Delhi ,and our boys were so much tired and exahusted,as we were continuosly riding for the 8th day.But ,despite being tired we still had some of the excitement left as we were about to enter the magnificent Valley of Sonmarg (Gateway of Amarnath yatra) ,also the marvellous Dal lake,srinagar.Encouraging one another ,we started the day riding our bikes.Crossing Drass sector as it said that Drass is the second coldest inhabited place on earth. The temperature can dip to -45 degree Celsius in winter. We crossed the Mighty Zojila pass which is a rugged road on a steep rocky mountain and is one of the most narrow and difficult passes in India.From the top you could see the Amarnath Yatra camp spread out all over the valley.As we entered the Valley of Sonmarg ( distance 123 km ,3 h 22 min from Kargil ),we were excited to ride along beautiful and exotic landscapes .From there onwards, the road is much better as we entered into the valley and it was like a great relief. Sonamarg is the last town with decent vegetation. From here on the green mountain gives way to orange and red Rocky mountains occasionally tipped with snow.We reached Srinagar around 1500 hrs,so we had got time to enjoy the Shikara ride in Dal lake.There is no better way to admire the Dal Lake than on a Shikara ride. An hour long ride will cost somewhere around Rs. 300 approx.As we had a guitar with us ,our shikara man was singing along with us and sharing the stories of the lake ,and the feeling was just awesome.Also you will ride across the floating market where you can buy eatable stuffs and the local goods.After that we proceeded towards Jammu without wasting the time.Even though it was a long ride ,the restless shikara ride ,and the view of green valleys of Sonmarg boosted us to ride further ,Keeping the time left with us.The distance between Srinagar to jammu was 266 km .Piercing through the inner Himalayas "Chenani-Nashri Tunnel"reduces the distance between Jammu and Srinagar by 30 km and travel time by two hours, also some new Banihal road tunnel and other small tunnels. We reached Jammu by midnight .Half of the city was almost slept,but,luckily we got a hotel to stay.As we already had our dinner on the way ,so we jumped straight in the beds,Sound sleep.
Sonal Agarwal
9:00-9:00 pm: Spend a night on a Kashmiri houseboat that seamlessly floats on the Dal Lake. Open your eyes to a picturesque sunrise and get ready for your next destination.Been to Srinagar before? Share your story with us here. Subscribe to Tripoto’s Youtube Channel for more such itineraries.
Sonal Agarwal
5:30 pm: Enjoy the sunset in a Shikara ride at Dal Lake which is just 2km away from the mosque. The Shikara ride can cost from ₹150 to ₹250 per person. Apart from being a popular tourist attraction, Dal Lake also holds importance for commercial purposes. Dotted with several floating gardens and houseboats, Dal Lake is the most attractive part of Srinagar
Next day was departure from Srinagar. A place not seen but felt. We went to dal lake on this day.Dal lake is a prefect place for wanderers passionately in love with life.Visit it and fall in love with your life, again.
Deepali Singhal
On the last day of the trip, we kept it simple and started with a famous dargah in Srinagar on the lakeside with a fine architecture, painted in white color like whole city in snow and shining with some kind of divine strength attracting lot of pigeons reminding me of Jama masjid in Chandni Chowk. Then we were approaching towards the end and we wanted it to close it with a signature of the place i.e. pride of Kashmir, jewel of Srinagar...Dal lake. The lake is surrounded by mesmerizing snow-covered peaks reflecting the wooden balconies of houseboats. I must say Kashmiri people are very good in their sales skills as its in their blood and I was attracted and tempted to buy stuff even in the lake from souvenirs vendors inside the lake who will just evolve near to your shikara in their boat. I enjoyed the Shikara ride with full comfort and feeling of accomplishment of completing the part one of the trip to this place that too alive :)
Adrian Sameli
The captain was also like family to me, giving me lots of insights into the Kashmiri traditions. We cruised through dozens of house-boats and a floating market. In the middle of the lake, we stopped at a restaurant boat, where he introduced me to the unique saffron tea, the Kashmiri Kahwa. Coming from New Delhi, I was now in a totally different world. Everything was moving slower, more gracefully and more enjoyable. After this relaxing boat ride, my two hosts drove me up some windy roads to Gulmarg. One village before, in Tangmarg, we stopped for lunch. My friends invited me to a yummy Chicken Biryani at their family’s shop.
Arnab Sarkar
Since it was the only day to stay in Srinagar, I quickly got ready to have a local site seeing in Srinagar. Visited the Shankaracharya Temple and the famous Hazratbal Mosque along with famous gardens of Srinagar- Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh and Chashme Sahi Garden. Also took a trip around the market.
Indrarup Saha
Char Chinar, Dal Lake
Indrarup Saha
Overnight stay at Dalgoma Houseboat, Dal Lake
Sakshi Singh
4) Dal Lake : Dal is a lake in Srinagar and is also known as Srinagar's jewel. A trip to Kashmir is incomplete without a Shikara boat ride in Dal Lake. In December and January as the temperature drops to minus, the Dal Lake freezes. But in March you will be able to enjoy the shikara ride. Dal Lake is the most popular landmark of Srinagar. Dal Lake is also like a floating market,as there are a number of Shikara shops. You may also choose to stay in a Houseboat. Houseboats are well-furnished and offer a beautiful view of the Dal Lake. Both deluxe and budget houseboats are available.
On day 1 our stop was Dal Lake in Kashmir. Stay was in a houseboat. Though lot of hotels are available in Kashmir but staying in a houseboat is itself a royal experience. This houseboat accommodation is also a kind of tourism which attracts so many travelers/tourists. Then we went to take a ride on the lake in Shikara ( A must ride for people visiting Kashmir). These boats are a part of daily life of locals which they used for transportation of goods and people. Flower vendors usually come in the morning to sell seeds/flowers on their Shikara. Apart from that there are vendors selling different things on the boats. Cold drinks, food, ice cream, fruits etc. Its a floating market in the lake and an amazing place to visit.Apart from Dal Lake we also went to visit other places and yes, how can I forget shopping. Shop in the name of love for Pashmina.
Swetha Kumar
Swetha Kumar
Harleen Sandhu
We carried on towards Leh. The journey is so beautiful and so full of surprises that you just should never go to Leh by air. Never!
Saloni Goyal
shikara ride
Saloni Goyal
Located in Srinagar , it's also known as 'Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir '.
@diti $rivastava
Dal Lake: is the main attraction because it’s in the middle of city and you can enjoy Sikara Ride, Water ski and most beautiful you will stay in Houseboat (most amazing thing). In Dal lake you feel surprised with floating market they sell flowers, vegetables and snacks. Don’t miss to see Floating Post Office.
Priya Parashar
Delhi-SrinagarWe landed at Srinagar Airport from Delhi late afternoon. Our cab driver dropped us at our houseboat which had a commanding view of the lake. It was really beautiful. We spent the entire evening sitting on the wood planks of the lake, chit chatting and eating. We opted 30 minute shikara ride as well. It started to drizzle by the time it got dark and the entire backdrop became gorgeous. (Ask for complimentary shikara ride when you book your stay with houseboat).
1700 hrs: Have lunch near Dal Lake, proceed for Shikara Ride (Lunch @2500 for 6, two shikaras @ INR 600)
Those who are looking for a spot to refresh your senses and unwind in some fresh air away from the pollution, a shikara ride in Dal Lake of Srinagar would be an icing on the cake for them. Famed as the Jewel of Srinagar, Dal Lake is also one of the famous offbeat honeymoon destinations in India.Best Time To Visit: AugustOther Things To Do: Hari Parbat, Floating Garden and Kayaking. 18. The Ever-Beautiful Taj Mahal In Agra, Uttar Pradesh