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Dal Lake

Indrarup Saha
Char Chinar, Dal Lake
Indrarup Saha
Overnight stay at Dalgoma Houseboat, Dal Lake
Sakshi Singh
4) Dal Lake : Dal is a lake in Srinagar and is also known as Srinagar's jewel. A trip to Kashmir is incomplete without a Shikara boat ride in Dal Lake. In December and January as the temperature drops to minus, the Dal Lake freezes. But in March you will be able to enjoy the shikara ride. Dal Lake is the most popular landmark of Srinagar. Dal Lake is also like a floating market,as there are a number of Shikara shops. You may also choose to stay in a Houseboat. Houseboats are well-furnished and offer a beautiful view of the Dal Lake. Both deluxe and budget houseboats are available.
On day 1 our stop was Dal Lake in Kashmir. Stay was in a houseboat. Though lot of hotels are available in Kashmir but staying in a houseboat is itself a royal experience. This houseboat accommodation is also a kind of tourism which attracts so many travelers/tourists. Then we went to take a ride on the lake in Shikara ( A must ride for people visiting Kashmir). These boats are a part of daily life of locals which they used for transportation of goods and people. Flower vendors usually come in the morning to sell seeds/flowers on their Shikara. Apart from that there are vendors selling different things on the boats. Cold drinks, food, ice cream, fruits etc. Its a floating market in the lake and an amazing place to visit.Apart from Dal Lake we also went to visit other places and yes, how can I forget shopping. Shop in the name of love for Pashmina.
Swetha Kumar
Swetha Kumar
Harleen Sandhu
We carried on towards Leh. The journey is so beautiful and so full of surprises that you just should never go to Leh by air. Never!
Saloni Goyal
shikara ride
Saloni Goyal
Located in Srinagar , it's also known as 'Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir '.
@diti $rivastava
Dal Lake: is the main attraction because it’s in the middle of city and you can enjoy Sikara Ride, Water ski and most beautiful you will stay in Houseboat (most amazing thing). In Dal lake you feel surprised with floating market they sell flowers, vegetables and snacks. Don’t miss to see Floating Post Office.
Priya Parashar
Delhi-SrinagarWe landed at Srinagar Airport from Delhi late afternoon. Our cab driver dropped us at our houseboat which had a commanding view of the lake. It was really beautiful. We spent the entire evening sitting on the wood planks of the lake, chit chatting and eating. We opted 30 minute shikara ride as well. It started to drizzle by the time it got dark and the entire backdrop became gorgeous. (Ask for complimentary shikara ride when you book your stay with houseboat).
1700 hrs: Have lunch near Dal Lake, proceed for Shikara Ride (Lunch @2500 for 6, two shikaras @ INR 600)
Those who are looking for a spot to refresh your senses and unwind in some fresh air away from the pollution, a shikara ride in Dal Lake of Srinagar would be an icing on the cake for them. Famed as the Jewel of Srinagar, Dal Lake is also one of the famous offbeat honeymoon destinations in India.Best Time To Visit: AugustOther Things To Do: Hari Parbat, Floating Garden and Kayaking. 18. The Ever-Beautiful Taj Mahal In Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Cox & Kings
When we think of Kashmir, the first thing that comes to our Mind is 'Houseboats'. Staying on a Houseboat means like living in Paradise, an experience one is not likely to find anywhere else on the surface of the earth. In the evening, enjoy a romantic Shikara ride on the Dal lake. Overnight in Srinagar. (L, D)You can stay at-
Cox & Kings
Later, enjoy a tranquil ride on the Shikara at Dal lake. Overnight in Srinagar (B, L, D)
The 'Clicking' Nomads
Dal LakeHave always heard about Kashmir’s Dal Lake – either, parents have always spoken about this one place or it has been made tremendously popular with the numerous movies & songs shot here. Truly scenic, Dal Lake could definitely do with some less crowd to preserve its natural beauty. Nevertheless, the lake surrounded by towering mountains on three sides is scattered with colourful & brightly painted shikaras all along it - the most unique feature of the lake being the floating market. There would be shikaras rowing all the way up to you giving you options of buying veggies & flowers, shawls & souvenirs or just wearing the already-worn-a-million-times traditional Kashmiri attire & pose for a snap. Don’t forget to grab some kulfi from a vendor sailing by!Mughal GardensShalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, Chashme Shahi & Pari Mahal, together form the touristy Mughal Gardens in and around the Dal Lake. All of them are pretty botanical gardens built during the Mughal times, blooming with roses, the hundred odd years old traditional Chinar trees, refreshing fountains & natural springs, making it a perfect picnic spot for a bright Sunday afternoon. Kashmir for foodies!How can you travel to Kashmir & not taste the rich & regal Kashmiri kahwa – light liquor tea drenched with dry fruits – clearly tea for the rich, what with one small ‘paper’ cup costing some 30 bucks.For dinner, we zeroed in on ‘Mughal Darbar’. Mughal Darbar is to Kashmir what Peter Cat is to Kolkata, Britannia to Mumbai & Kareem’s to Delhi – old, traditional, authentic, oozing with culture & lots of food! Being thorough carnivours, we ordered the Kashmiri Wazwan – a state of the art dish with various kinds of meat preparations served on a heap of rice. Guests sit together & share this meal, out of a large plate. Apparently the original Wazwan is supposed to have around 36 courses – after this, all I could say was...burrrp!
Mohal Banker
Sreshti Verma
Now the best at the end. Dal Lake might as well be a geological monument given its characteristics and location, making it the most important lake in India. Surviving the city of Srinagar, this lake has become a part of the culture, history and future of Kashmiris. With floating gardens that feed the population, to a circumference decorated with historical buildings such as Hari Parbat, Shankaracharya Mandir, Hazratbal Dargah and Chashme Shahi, the Dal Lake stands as the last surviving symbol of secularism in Kashmir. The lake also serves as a flood lung of the life-giving Jhelum river that flows through the entire Kashmir valley. During severe winter, this lake freezes, and delivers its ice surface as a field for sports such as ice hockey.
Shilpi Sharma
Dal Lake - a must visit place when u'r in Srinagar...its one of the most colorful sites you'll ever see...all these beautiful houseboats and Shikaras spread all around you in the middle of a beautiful green valley! Must see places in Dal Lake (yes you read it right - there are places to be seen within this hugeeeee lake) - Floating Gardens, Meena Bazar, Golden Lake area
Jaswanth Jagadeesh
Nikhil Rathi
It is said to be one of the most scenic lakes in India, and Indeed it is if you visit it During Summers.
Bhargavi K
Iconic exclusive of Kashmir---the Shikara ride, a blissful experience of floating on the waters of Dal Lake where pics can be taken wearing traditional costumes.You can get to see a number of house boats (of course from outside) and you can also stay in one :) . The ride includes Shopping at meena bazaar on Dal Lake where saffron to shawls,general provisions to medicines can be got and the catch is, all the shops are on water (shop boats).And the price is much cheaper when compared to any other place in the entire trip.
A good way to experience living in houseboat
Mayank Negi
A beautiful lake, where you will find school kids playing and traing. A place to relax or you can even join them for a run. :P
Nazia Khan
I read somewhere that staying at a houseboat is not recommended due to filthy Dal Lake, mosquitoes around and dependency on shikara guys if you have to go and explore the city, but I chose to stay at a houseboat and it turned out to be brilliant experience. The vintage houseboats with hand carved designs, royal interiors and magnificent view of snow clad mountains and lake makes you forget all chaos of your metropolitan life and you wish to stay here forever. The cold breeze you feel while sitting outside the houseboat at night is so majestic, the view of Dal Lake and mountains in sunrise was just spellbound that I kept on looking at it jaw dropped and forgot to capture. *Oops..!!!* Shikara ride on Dal lake is a "must do" thing. Shikara guy shows the various spots in Dal lake including Floating market which was an unusual and pleasant site.