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Dal Lake Srinagar Houseboats Shreen Group

Anshul Ghiloria
A taxi and then we went to our Boat house. The most amazing thing I'd say. Boat houses are on the Dull lake and they are fixed on one spot. If you need a ride of the beautiful lake, you take a Shikara ride. A boathouse is bigger than an MIG flat. It's all wood and so you can hear through walls! The owner of the house was a muslim and absolutely delightful to talk to! The guy is illiterate but speaks English as fluently as any of us. I guess so does many tourist guides. He had been to Switzerland and many other countries which I haven't been to yet. That made me question my plans for studying so much- bachelors and masters and the struggle to find decent job! I guess whatever you do, you do it with passion- and that will take you across the seven seas. He asked us not to take our shoes inside and so we had to pull them off outside.The house was big, cozy and comfortable. I lost most of the pictures that could show you how beautiful the night sky and the lake was. But here are a few..