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10 out of 65 attractions in Srinagar
Disha Kapkoti
However it was my checklist that took us to the next magnificent spot in this city. The three of us boarded a bus that took us all around the city and then left us at a beautiful fringe end that's Hazratbal.
srishti jugran
It is the biggest and regarded as the holiest shrine in Srinagar on the banks of the Dal lake opposite Nishat Bagh.
Siddharth Kajaria
After an enriching walk around the lake and a Shikara ride on the calm Dal waters, I decided to visit Hazratbal Shrine. Situated on the left bank of the lake in all it's 17th century architectural greatness, the white marble mosque looked enchanting up close. Right adjacent to the Hazratbal Mosque was the impressive Nishat Bagh which I went to next. The garden commands a magnificent view of the lake with a backdrop of the majestic Himalayas. Photo Credit: Panoramio