Nagin Lake 1/11 by Tripoto
Ramya Balakrishna
This mesmerising Shikara ride had so much beauty and peace to offer, It came in like a boulder to me, too many things to absorb that the nature shares with us.Houseboats @ Nagin lake
Tejaswi Gudavalli
This is a part of dal lake adjacent to hariparbat.Everything is awesome inside the boat like royal palace abd decorated paper machie work.we can take ride over lake and shop the best silver jewellery and artificial jewellery hangings chains.lots of flowers lotus wil remember us al the romantic songs we can click many pics as green mountains on a side royal boats on lake best views...but papermachie shoping we have to do on the way to gulmarg alon
srishti jugran
Crossing over into the Nageen Lake, a smaller lake adjacent to the Dal lake, under a bridge, we moved past endless floating lotus and lily fronds.
It was a beautiful and freezing morning as I stepped out of the houseboat at Nageen lake and something caught my eye , A lone Shikarawala rows his way towards a picturesque dawn! 1. Mobile shops : While we were enjoying the ride in our Shikara , another shikara came right next to hours and to our surprise it was a mobile shop selling all kinds of imitation jewellery and accesory. We go further and there is a similar shop , just this time it was a florist. 2. Non-Mobile shops : There were few shops made up of wood right in the middle of the lake and people would commute on their personal vehicles, "the shikaras" to get the groceries, vegetables , fruits, gas cylinders. 3. Dariya mein curfew (Curfew in the water) : Our shikarawala informed us in the evening that we cannot go further than the point we were as there is "Dariya mein curfew" and no shikaras should be out beyond a certain time. I had never heard of it before but then I see a police boat with speakers asking everyone to return back. By then i had already spent a couple of hours in the lake and it did not surprise me much as the lake wasn't just a lake it was a small town and guess law applies the same there as it does on the land. Our shikarawala guy was in his 50s and a very lively guy. There were a lot of stories he told us , i remember two of them: He has a wife in Kashmir and he is also married to a lady in France. They had fell in love and got married while she was visiting India couple of years ago and since then she sends him a return ticket to one foreign destination every year and they spend a week or so together. The other story I remmeber was of the conflict between two neighbors at the lake. One day our shikarawala heard these two neighbors arguing with each other and on enquiring he found out that one neighbour was accusing the other of "stealing his farms". Looking at our confused faces, our shikarawala explained to us "These plants the people grow in water have their roots floating in water and due to heavy winds the previous night a portion of the farm had drifted to neighbors house and the owner is accusing the neighbor of stealing his farm". We burst out laughing.