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Kanika Saxena
Nagin Lake is relatively quieter than Dal Lake, the lake better known for its tourist crowd and commercial activities. Houseboats in Nagin Lake are usually preferred by honeymooners and discerning tourists. Nagin Lake is considered to be a separate lake but it is actually a part of Dal Lake, which is connected through a small causeway. The lake is bounded by scenic hills like Takht-e-sulaiman, Hari Parbat and Zabarwan range and by no means less beautiful than Dal Lake. The dense lush wooded forest of Willow trees and Poplar trees flank the edges of the lake.Hospitality:Houseboat stay is the perfect way to enjoy unparalleled Kashmiri hospitality and experience rich Kashmiri culture and heritage. From traditional wooden furnishing to authentic Kashmiri Wazwan, all speak of affluent Kashmir tradition and its hospitality. In houseboats, tourists can take a sip of traditional Kehwa (a kind of green tea served with cinnamon, saffron and nuts) and relish their taste buds with authentic Kashmiri cuisines. Each houseboat has a pantry boat at the rear side of the boat where chefs prepare the dishes.Shikaras:One of the prime attractions of Srinagar is Shikara, which invites tourists from far flung areas to take a leisure ride on it. Often referred as ‘Kashmiri Gondola’, Shikara is a beautifully decorated wooden boat found in Dal Lake, Nagin Lake and Jhelum River in Srinagar. Though Shikaras are used for multiple commercial activities, these boats are better known for ferrying tourists from the banks to houseboats and visiting sightseeing places. Tourists can hire Shikaras from boat stations all along the shorelines of Dal Lake and Nagin Lake.
The 'Clicking' Nomads
Unlike its more popular counterpart Dal Lake, Nigeen Lake is a quieter, more peaceful & far less commercialized lake to stay on. Lined by some beautifully carved wooden houseboats, you could spot the occasional egret in the water & the many shikaras floating by, trying to sell their wares.Bashir ji, our very entertaining shikara guy, as instructed by Mr. Wangnu, decided to row us down all the way from Nigeen Lake to Dal Lake so that we could not only rest on the shikara post a very welcome ‘dal-chawal’ lunch at the houseboat, but also enjoy the serene beauty of the Kashmiri water bodies.We aimlessly floated for more than 2 hours through still waters, thick layers of algae & endless lengths of lilly gardens – to quickly realize that poor Bashir ji wasn’t being able to steer us through the floating vegetable garden because the wind was against us & refused to let us move ahead. Much to our amazement, totally undeterred Bashir ji broke into some popular Kashmiri songs & kept rowing, ably supported for sometime by one of us, who decided to row along & make the shikara move faster.
The 'Clicking' Nomads