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Shankaracharaya Temple

Surbhi Vedi
After dropping our bags and being amazed by the beauty of houseboat, we went for a shikara ride.
Kabira Speaking
कैसे पहुँचें: यह मंदिर श्रीनगर में सुलैमान पहाड़ी पर स्तिथ है।शंकराचार्य मंदिर से जुडी कथा: माना जाता है की आदि शंकराचार्य इस मंदिर में आये थे जिसकी स्थापना 200 BC में हुई थी। अगर आप सोच रहे हैं की २०० BC कितना पहले था तो आपको यह बता दें की 200 BC पूर्व भी चीन की दीवार भी बन कर तैयार हुई थी।क्या आप भी भारत के उन कोनों में घूमें हैं जहाँ के बारे के किस्से कहानियां बहुत हैं? हमारे साथ होने सफर की कहानियां साझा करें Tripoto में।
Saloni Goyal
1. Shankaracharya temple
Sreshti Verma
How to Reach: Located at the Sulaiman Hill close to Srinagar marketMythology: Adi Shankaracharya visited the temple whose foundation is said to date back to 200 BC. You know long back that is? The Great Wall of China was completed in 200 BC.Need more wanderlust like this in your life? Become a part of the Tripoto community by sharing your own travelogue.
After a few more days and short trips to Shankaracharya hill, Moghul gardens and some shopping we were ready to leave the paradise. You can buy the world famous Kashmir willow, saffron,handicrafts, Pashmina shawls, Hand embroidered fabric ,so on and so forth. We spent our last day in Srinagar at Dachigam National Park and were fortunately introduced to two leopard cubs and a Himalayan Black bear, all the three so kindly posed for our cameras,making it a memorable day! ''AGAR FIRDAUS BAR ROO-E ZAMEEN AST, HAMEEN AST-O HAMEEN AST '' (If there is a paradise on earth,it is this, it is this ) -Amir KhusroThis post was originally published on Didicoilens.