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Srinagar - Ladakh Road

Narender Kumar Gautam
Capital of Jammu Kashmir
Nazia Khan
The journey from Srinagar to Leh is more beautiful than the destination. The more you cover the route the more you get excited with the picturesque mountains around you. You would not want to take a nap and miss even a bit of it, trust me...!!! *A silly friend of mine slept in the car most of the time while traveling which is one of the dumbest thing EVER I've seen.... Grrrrrr....!!!!*
The highway was awesome with beautiful landscape on both sides. We passed important places which I heard on TV during Kargil conflict like Kargil Drass Zojilla pass Batalik. We had our dinner at Kargil. BRO has done a commendable job at that great heights making roads even smoother than on plains.
Shweta Modgil
Sonemarg valley is one of the most beautiful places on this highway. The drive from Srinagar to Sonemarg is itself a scenic one meandering through golden fields and towering hills. The meadows of Sonemarg are ever inviting for a trek or a pony ride through the gentle terrain.