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Peter Hillblom
Dominica, Roseau. Day 6. It is Carneval time! Yeay! After the Carneval, we sleep at the Sea World apartments in Citronier. It is located 1,3 kilometers south of Roseau. Morning in Marigot, after lunch in Roseau. Marigot. This day was fantastic! We went up early in Marigot, we stayed for two days at "My Fathers place", a very calm and nice place a five minute drive from the Douglas Charles Airport. Some of the rooms have spectacular views over the village and the mountains.A car with huge speakers woke everyone half an our before J'ouvert (the beginning of the carnival) Lots of the villagers line up behind a truck with speakers playing wonderful music; soca, bouyon, and a lot moore. It seemed like most of the songs came from the Island. It is hard not to dance when you here the music, we danced a lot. As we could understand asking nice and friendly locals everything starts up at the flats, a place a ten minute walk uphill from where we stayed (the road is steep, if you are not fit, you will be), then slowly, the truck leads the people down to the fishery at the sea.This is where the young kids and teenagers throw powder paint on each other, and this is where they turn around and go uphill again. It takes hours before the event is finished, but the Marigot people have a lot of energy, they march and dance and have fun. We felt it was almost like a religous event, it was so beatiful and the people was so nice. We had breakfast at Vena's two times, it lies very near to my fathers place, a five minute walk. Great breakfast and even dinner. Roseau. Soon...