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Gamla stan

Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar
Let's Walk and Explore the near by places of Gamla Stan
Sandeep Kumar
Stockholm's Old Town is known as now Gamla Stan. Gamla Stan is like a living, pedestrian-friendly museum, filled with sights, restaurants, cafes, bars, and places to shop. The narrow, winding cobblestone streets, with their buildings in different colors, give Gamla Stan its unique look.Västerlånggatan and Österlånggatan are the district’s main streets, but head off the beaten track to get the true feel of the island. There are several beautiful museums and attractions here, for example, the Royal Palace.Gamla Stan Metro Station at Tbana Line
Gamla Stan or Old Town dates back to 13th Century where most of the buildings we see today are 300 - 400 years old. Yes, that's right. They are 300-400 years old and still used by Swedish people as there very home. Visually they are beautiful colorful buildings which represents the ancient Scandinavian architecture.The Royal Palace of Sweden also consists a part of Gamla Stan, which I would cover separately as it deserves a substantial no of photographs and descriptions.Not to be missed in Gamla Stan is Stortorget. Its a Square which was used to massacre Swedish Nobel People by Danish King in 16th Century. In present day, we have Alfred Nobel Museum located in the same place. I thought of having a quick coffee in that cozy cafe inside the Museum but ended up spending two hours in it looking around and reading about different Nobel laureates. Was very fortunate to be able to see the Original Will of Alfred Nobel written by himself, as it was the last day of keeping it for display.I also visited St Geogre Church and The German Church. Unfortunately couldn't go inside the German Church, because of an ongoing mass. St George Church is right next to the Royal Palace. After a memorable walk through the Gamla Stan, my stomach started growling and asking for a much needed meal. I had heard about an Indian restaurant in Gamla Stan but couldn't really find it through out my walk but then finally here I was. Just few step ahead of German Church, we have Hurry Curry, the ultimate Indian Restaurant. Although being from a Non-Vegetarian family, I am kind of preferably vegetarian. So, obviously it was a heaven for me.Also I would like to mention over here, that there are a lot of amazing restaurant options specially for non-veggies on the lane which joins Stortorget and The German Church.That was just a glimpse of my Gamla Stan walk. Please check out some pictures too which relates to my write up. Much more to come.Thanks for your time.Amulya
Mahuya Paul
Walking around Gamla Stan is great fun. Explore the small passages, stairs, alleys and side streets. They are fun and in tune with what one may imagine the old town should really look like. All the streets are cobbled and there is a sense of old times, the walls and buildings with faded colors. Major attractions like The Royal Palace, The Nobel House are all in this area. It is really a fun place to visit especially in summer when there is so much outdoor seating.