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Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall is the building of the Municipal Council for the City of Stockholm in Sweden. I chose to come here mainly because of the reason that it is the venue for Nobel Prize banquet, every year 1300 people gather for the banquet including the Nobel Prize Winners. Banquet takes place in 'the Blue Hall' which is not exactly blue but has finished Red Bricks. The architect of City Hall Ragnar Ostberg had earlier planned to have a Blue Colored Hall with glazed tiles, but changed his mind and chose to stick with red bricks.The tower is 106 metres high and is accessible by an elevator or by a stair of 365 steps. It is built 106 m just to surpass Copenhagen City Hall tower which is 105 m high.Tour inside the City Hall can only be done with the Guided Tours which is available every half an hour. You can also climb up the tower on your own on specific timings in a day. I had to skip the tower, as I had to rush to catch a train to Gothenburg, as this was my last destination in Stockholm.Lot more to come. Also please check out the pictures of City Hall. Amulya
We set out for City Hall which can be reached from metro station Rådhuset on blue line towards Akalla/Hjulsta. You have to walk approx. 500 meters to Hantverkargatan 1 to reach City Hall. According to their website “City Hall of Stockholm is one of Sweden’s most fascinating and impressive buildings! You can visit the City Hall on a guided tour all year round. Since the venues can only be visited together with a guide, there are no general opening hours.” We reached City Hall just before one of the guided tours began. So were taken around the inside of the city hall with a lot of information about the building, its heritage, architect etc. It was truly amazing experience to be standing at the ‘blue hall’ where Nobel banquets are held every year. Then walk through the chambers where city council meets or the ‘golden hall’ which is made of gold. Well, some pictures again… After breath taking views outside the City Hall and other overwhelming information it was time to move towards our next destination, Drottningholm Palace.