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Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

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Back to the art and culture lovers, the other must visit spots are: the Rainbow Military Housing or the Rainbow Village, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, FoGaung Shan Buddha Museum, Lan Yang Museum, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial and National Palace museum.
Taiwan Tourism
This tradition of eggs is believed to have been popularised by immigrants from China who came along with Chiang Kai-shek, the former premier of the Republic of China after a civil war broke out in China in 1946. Traditionally, in China, where it all began, the Chinese are known to boil their eggs with only whole spices like cloves, fennel seeds, cinnamon and peppercorns as these impart the maximum flavour and aroma. If tea eggs are what the Chinese brought in, the Dutch and the Japanese who ruled the island at different times left behind their culinary influences. Ready-to-eat sushi in fancy boxes and Western desserts are everywhere -- from upmarket hotels to humble street shops. There also a variety of multinational food chains brought in by modernisation, yet the youngsters still have appetite for good old tea eggs.
visiting the impressive Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, visiting a night market and ending the week with a fun night dancing with your friends. And please don't blame me if you end up staying there longer than a week (1+ year). It happens to all of us. 
Vishwanath Puttagunta
Great place. Huge Memorial Hall. Filled with tourists from Mainland China
Megan Faustine
First thing that we need to buy is the MRT Pass.There are many kinds of MRT Pass, but I suggest you to buy the Easy Card.Why? Because Easy Card can be use for MRT, Bus, Bicycle, and so on.The Easy Card can be bought at the nearest MRT Station. (Another info that I got it is also can be bought at 7-eleven or other convenience store)The price is NT 200, which are 100 as your deposit and 100 usable balance.The card is refundable, so it will give you NT 100 plus the rest of your balance minus NT 20 for the handling fee. I also grab some tourist information and also the MRT map so I won’t get lost ;) The first place that we visited the Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall. The place is very huge and so beautiful. You can go downstairs inside the Hall and take a look at the museum and learn about the history.