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Maokong mountain

(image credit to If you are a tea lover, you definitely must not miss the most scenic spot of Taipei with beautiful surrounding and serving tea with quality tea leave grown locally. Make a pit stop at MaoKong when you are visiting the Zoo!
12.Immerse in the scenic view with a cup of hot green tea at Mao Kong
Megan Faustine
Our next destination for today is Maokong Gondola. To get here : MRT Taipei Zoo, about 10 minutes walk. The queue is very very long, it’s about 2km long!But don’t worry, Maokong provide lots of Gondola so we only need to wait for about 1 hour to get inside the Gondola. While waiting at the queue, if you’re lucky enough - like me, haha - , you can watch the Dancing Water show just beside the Maokong Gondola. It is very beautiful, especially at the Twilight here are two cabin types on Maokong. The first one is the ordinary cabin, and the other one is the crystal cabin.The cost of the two cabin is just the same, and the difference is that on crystal cabin, your foot will step on a see-through window ! We choose the ordinary cabin since I am 100% sure that I can’t sit calmly for 20 minutes with a see through window underneath my foot ! I just can’t imagine how scary it is ! The view from Maokong Gondola is just beautiful. Even Taipei101 can be seen from the Gondola.