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Ningxia Night Market

There are just too many night markets all around Taiwan i could name you but do you know some of the different night markets are distinctive by their unique offerings? For instance, Ningxia Night Market is the market full of FOOD! If you need to satisfy your dinner, this is one of the place to go! Remember to join in the queue for their Yam or Salted Egg Yolk Golden Balls and Oyster Omelette! Or one of the bigger Shilin Night Market that spans around a wide perimeter with FOOD (Seafood fiesta, Herbal Duck Soup, Fried Chicken) & SHOPPING (Clothing, Cap, Bags, Laptop Bags, Handphone Accessories)! Another comparable to Shilin Night Market will be Raohe Night Market, though of smaller scale, but the amount of good food (Pan-fried Pepper Bun) and shopping there should not be missed too!