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Taipei 101

Tara Anne Nikezic
Take the Red Line, Xiangshan train, to Taipei 101 station. Alternatively, take the Blue Line to Taipei City Hall Station, located beneath HanKyu Department Store. Walk south to enter the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi complex, known as the Xinyi Shopping District towards 101. Taking the metro cost NT$25 ($0.86 USD). If you’re staying in Xinyi District, then it’s a convenient walk!With getting around Taipei, we recommend sticking to public transportation as it is convenient, cheap, and very easy to navigate. Bus stops often indicate accurately the time for the approaching bus, and the whole city is well connected and thought out extremely well.WHERE TO STAY
Nivedana Jalan
Taiwan, which I truly found to be Asia's best kept secret, is a very underrated destination, particularly among Indian travelers. So here is the FIRST of a series of articles that I hope will help you plan a trip to 'Witness Taiwan' for yourselves!
(image credits to viewing 508m tall Taipei 101 up close at Taipei 101 station, take one stop further to XiangShan, Exit 2. Walk along the edge of the park, and take a left at the end of the road. Continue the path till you reach the starting point of Xiangshan Hiking Trail. A distance of 650m consist of mainly steps, you ascend uphill and an amazing birds’ eye view of the spectacular skyscraper awaits you. You can try to catch the sunrise or sunset view for a different skyline. After which, make your way back to Taipei 101 mall, where you can find some upmarket shopping, Agnes B cafe and most important to check out theirFood Court! It is definitely one you shouldn’t miss if you’re looking for a cheap yet good meal with variety. Digest your food by venturing into the corner of Xinyi Shopping District or along Songzhi Road with malls like ATT 4 Fun or international brands like Forever 21, GAP or renting a uBike to travel around the heart of city!
5.Walk the path less taken to enjoy breathtaking views of Taipei 101
Vishwanath Puttagunta
The trek to Elephant Mountain is tiring but worth it as it gives the best view of Taipei 101