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Yangmingshan National Park

The Yangmingshan National Park is set on the Tatun Volcanic Group of mountains, a volcanic bed from millions of years ago. Today, the twenty volcanoes here are theoretically dormant. We got off the bus at Xiaoyoukeng to an overwhelming odour of rotten eggs, which Francis informed was sulphur, pointing towards sulphur fumes that were escaping from the steaming vents and fumaroles. Hot springs and yellowish green sulphur deposits are found across these mountains here, making the area a popular tourist spot.
Er Zhi Ping (for their magnificant meadows) then to the main Yangmingshan National Park followed by Calla Lily Field (witness the full bloom in the Calla Lily Field during the Calla Lily Festival which is usually held in the March – April period
1.Witness the dainty spring blooms at YangMingShan National Park
As you enter the season of Spring, Yangmingshan National Park welcomes you with their captivating pretty cherry blossom bloom. There are a few different pit stops in the whole National Park area. You can start off with Hsiao You Keng (with steaming fogs smelling of rotten eggs due to the presence of sulphur in the area, sulphur crystals deposits and boiling water from the ground);