1st avenue mall

1st Avenue mall has a few things you can do. Firstly, for the females, get yourself some manicure and pedicure which is at a really affordable price while the guys can find a shop which offers full body massage, ear waxing etc. There is also an arcade for the children to have fun in. There is a Karaoke place at the top level behind the hotpot store that has this really premium room that cost less than $30 per hour. If you're a karaoke freak as my family are, you would be there every single night for 4 hours till the wee hours. The hotpot is also another recommended restaurant to indulge in a very appealing supper. They offer Tom Yum, Chicken, Herbs base with assorted vegetable, seafood, noodles that can go as low at 15RM/person. Check out this store in Penang known as the "Brand Store" where you can get really cheap haul of clothing. Search hard enough and you can get loads of gems. Especially for guys who always complain that clothings are expensive, trust me, they are really cheap. They can go as low as 30RM each piece and some items are 1 for 1!