The Best Places To Visit In 2017 For Luxury Travellers


This year’s top travel experiences for all kinds of crazy travellers: Tintin lovers, anime collectors, environment activists, discount fashion hunters, World War II buffs, and more.

Masters PGA, With the Berckmans Place Badge at Augusta Corporations want that ‘moneycan’t- buy’ experience, and this is it. Literally, your money is no good here. The menus at the four restaurants do not have prices. Entry is rumored to cost US$6,000, but no one is quite sure if that’s for a day or the week. Everything is included, whether it’s oysters on the half-shell at Augusta’s Seafood, Southern-style deviled eggs at Ike’s or an Azalea (Ketel One vodka, lemonade and grenadine) at Calamity Jane’s. The Berckmans Place Badges offer the ultimate in VIP hospitality on Augusta National golf course. And while money will get you a spot to view the tournament, only the ‘right’ access will get you a BP badge.

Credit: Santiago Urquijo

Photo of Georgia, United States by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Grand Prix from the Paddock Club The best F1 experience is at the Paddock Club during the Monaco Grand Prix race. It’s a luxurious retreat right above the pit lane, with visual access to everything that happens in the team garages. It is an experience in itself, observing the precision of tire changes operated in fl at 2.5 seconds during pit stops. The Paddock Club off ers social connotations as well—a chance to mingle among the elite, and famous personalities, VIP access express lane entrance on arrival, a Michelin 3 stars dining menu, and an open bar with champagne flowing.

Credit: Augusta

Photo of Monaco by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Restless Weekenders

Nepal is back on the travel list after the 2015 earthquake devastation that hit tourism badly. If you’re feeling the itch to escape to nature for a long weekend, Nepal has some great trekking routes in the Himalayas. For those with just three to four days, the Ghorepani Poon Hill trek that starts close to the lakeside city of Pokhara is ideal—you’ll cross forest foliage, climb up stone steps, walk along streams, and traipse around charming villages with Wi-Fi enabled cafes.

Credit: Pisit Rapitpunt

Photo of Nepal by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Seekers Of The Untravelled

The raw wilderness of Norway’s Svalbard is one of the harshest environments on the planet. But it’s a land where everyone gets along, because getting along is the only way to survive. This is real-life ‘Fortitude’, the Scandinoir that’s soon to resurface. See migrating sea birds, spot polar bears, and ride snowmobiles through narrow valleys before traversing frozen delta systems.

Credit: DPA

Photo of Norway by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Visit Paris Airshow 2017 Last time, it was the Martin Jetpack that debuted at the Paris Airshow. If you had been there and pre-ordered your personal jetpack, you’d be the most smug-cool cucumber with your own Bond-like jetpack by now (deliveries for the fi rst lot of jetpacks are zooming out of Martin’s Christchurch facility this month). In addition, the Paris Airshow is by far the sexiest and edgiest aviation and tech event you could witness. Held every other year at the Le Bourget Airport in North Paris, France, the first few days of the event are closed to the general public, but the following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday welcomes in spectators of all ages. See in person a Dassault Rafale fighter jet flying display, creative design studios put up extraordinary exhibits, see gorgeous air displays by Boeing’s F16, crazy looking helicopters, and more.

Credit: Chicurel Arnaud

Photo of Paris, France by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Test Ride a Hoverboard Lexus has developed a real-life levitating board called Slide. Unveiled at a skate park in Barcelona this year, it glided above water, jumped over cars and swooped around half-pipes under the expert skills of pro-skateboarder Ross McGouran. Sadly, it’s just a prototype and only works above specially laid metal tracks. However, the electric surfb oard by Spanish surf brand Onean will have you flying across real waves, propelled by a silent, battery-powered motor, even if it can’t do the other fancy floatation wizardry. Visit Box220, Barcelona.

For The Outlet Fashion Obsessed

Credit: Kimberley Coole

Photo of Barcelona, Spain by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Acne Archive

Acne Studios is a Stockholm based fashion house founded by Creative director Johnny Johansson. Johansson’s interest in photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture lead to turning Acne Studio into a highly respected creator of pret fashion, magazines, furniture, books and exhibitions. At the Acne Archive (yes, a fashion store called Archive, already sounds super cool), expect all prices to be slashed by at least 50 per cent, with many going as low as 80 per cent off . Since the brand is based in Stockholm, there are lots of one-of-a-kind pieces like runway samples in colourways that were never put in production.

A HOT TIP Unlike most outlets, Acne has a major stockroom with sizes that aren’t always out on the fl oor. Ask the sales associates if you don’t see something you’re looking for.

Foxtown Factory Outlets

More than 160 designer stores are located at Foxtown’s Factory Outlet in Switzerland, where items are priced between 30 and 70 per cent off year-round. It’s close to the border of Italy, and as a result, includes some of the best high-fashion Italian labels on earth: Gucci, Missoni, Prada, Valentino, and Versace all have a presence. They even have their own casino on-site if that’s what you’re into.

Credit: Gotemba Premium Outlets

Photo of Switzerland by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

GETTING THERE If you’re driving, it’s only 15 km from Lugano and 50 km from Milan, directly along the Milan-Lugano highway (A2). Exit at Mendrisio. Alternatively, you can take the Foxtown shuttle service from Milan, an hour-long ride. On the way back, the bus stops a customs so you can get your tax-free forms processed. Return tickets cost €20 and are bookable online at


San Marcos Premium Outlets Here’s another outlet that gets bonus points for its views. Under the blue Texan sky, the design of San Marcos Premium Outlets was inspired by the architecture of the Piazza San Marco in Venice. Its castle-like walls hold past season treasures from Armani, Diane von Furstenberg, Etro, Prada, and more, all discounted up to 70 per cent off in some cases.

GETTING THERE It’s on the Interstate Highway 35 at Exit 200, about 30 minutes from Austin. From Dallas, it’s a four-hour ride, and three hours from Houston.

Prada Space Outlet

Credit: Kimberley Coole

Photo of Texas, United States by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

This is Prada and sister line Miu Miu’s factory outlet, about an hour drive or train ride from Florence, Italy. It’s located in the middle of nowhere, but it’s defi nitely worth the trip. If you hit it at the right time (end of season) the huge space is packed with the season’s runway samples at a whopping 90 per cent off, as well as menswear and a ton of one-off accessories straight off the runway, like hats, scarves, and gloves for as low as US$40. Of everything, shoes are possibly your bes bet, with prices as low as US$75, and if you love outlandish fashion, you’ll be in heaven, since the outlet houses some of the labels’ wackiest pieces here—like pink knee-high sequined boots and a green mohair fur bag, which a friend bought for about US$75 each. Yes, really.

Credit: Acne

Photo of Italy by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

GETTING THERE The secret is to drive on the A1, the Autostrada del Sole or ‘Motorway of the Sun’, the spinal cord of Italy’s road network that runs from Milan to Naples. Alternatively, you can take a shopping tour from Florence that includes Prada Space and The Mall.

Gotemba Premium Outlets

This outlet mall has the added advantage of striking views of Mt Fuji hanging over it, and with hundreds of brands both Japanese and international, there’s enough shopping to take up an entire day. Some of the more interesting and hard-to-fi nd (when it comes to typical outlet mall material) options include Alexander Wang, Issey Miyake, Maison Margiela, and Vivienne Westwood.

GETTING THERE There are one or two direct buses per day each from Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, and Shinagawa Station to the outlets. It takes 90 minutes to get there, and a round trip ticket is available for YEN 2,880 and includes a coupon book and a special gift. Make sure you book ahead. Alternatively, you can take the Asagiri Limited Express from Odakyu Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to Gotemba Station and transfer to the free shuttle bus to the outlets. The trip takes around 100 minutes and costs about Yen 2,800.

Bicester Village

Winner of this year’s Best Shopping Destination in our India’s Best Awards 2016 edition, Bicester has more than 130 designer boutiques. The outdoor outlet mall should be your number-one stop to snag pieces from Britian’s top luxury labels, among others. Think: Anya Hindmarch bags, Smythson notebooks, Alexander McQueen accessories, Rupert Sanderson heels, All Saints jeans and more. Like it sounds, the space is set up like a mini village full of discount shops. Make sure to check the website for extra deals.

GETTING THERE An hour from London, you can either drive there, or take the train to Bicester Village station from Maryleborne. Alternatively, book the Shopping Express bus that can pick you up from most major hotels in London. Return tickets cost £28.

Credit: Ainara Garcia

Photo of UK by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

The Mall

Deep in the heart of the rolling hills of Tuscany sits this designer outlet mall that’s technically an outdoor space that houses individual boutiques from all the major Italian labels including Gucci, Fendi, Moschino, and Versace, plus harder-to-find outlets like Tom Ford, Philipp Plein, Lanvin, and Alexander McQueen. You could easily spend an entire day here scouring the racks for 30 to 50 per cent off . Most notably, the Fendi outlet has an amazing selection of limited-edition Baguette bags. The Mall is also a convenient 30-minute drive from Prada Space, so plan on making a day of it. And unless you are blessed with an equally passionate-aboutfashion partner, don’t even bother bringing them along.

GETTING THERE There’s a direct bus that departs from Busitalia Bus station in Florence, and return tickets cost €13. The bus has free wifi !

La Vallee Village

In addition to the usual high-end labels that other outlets carry, La Vallée Village has individual boutiques dedicated to discounted French fashion that you won’t fi nd anywhere else. Carven, Givenchy, Céline, Kenzo, Longchamp, Robert Clergie, Repetto, and Yves Saint Laurent are just a few of the chic options.

Credit: Ferme Auberge Le Castelas

Photo of France by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

GETTING THERE The village is only a 30-minute drive from Paris, so it’s defi nitely worth renting a car. But if you’re feeling uncertain about driving, you can take the Shopping Express that departs twice a day from Place des Pyramids, Paris.

Exceptional Gourmet Travel

The Albinelli Market in the centre of Modena is a gathering place, bustling with great energy and even better products. From the best Italian cheeses to Manzini, gastronomy with condiments, anchovies and spices, as well as fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fi sh and cold cuts. It’s a cook’s paradise and a fantasy land of fl avours for people who love to eat.

There is a goat farm and restaurant in Provence called Ferme Auberge Le Castelas at Le Castelas, Sivergues, that is the most amazing place to visit. The food is delicious, simply prepared, with dishes like roasted vegetables and local ham, roasted pork and potatoes, beautiful cheeses made on the property, and plenty of wine. Everything is served communally and the tables are all made of large rocks. While you dine, the goats from the farm roam the grounds following the food. Another plus, the property has stunning views overlooking the valley. (To make reservations, call +33-4/9074-3081).

There is nothing like being up in the Andean mountains of Janac Chuquibamba in Lamay near Cusco, having freshly harvested native potatoes that are cooked under the ground with hot stones, and locally-grown aromatics like muna (a medicinal plant) and huacatay (a black mint-like herb). It’s an amazing experience to see the native Andean communities doing this type of cooking. Ask a local hotel chef in Cusco to recommend the best place to go and take a taxi to Lamay, or ask a tour guide to take you.

Credit: Wade Davis

Photo of Peru by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

The drive to Asador Etxebarri restaurant is spectacular. Chef Victor Arguinzoniz cooks a brilliant tasting menu showcasing a single ingredient. He combines amazing ancient cooking techniques and carefully selected firewood. His grilled red prawn is cooked over embers and his dessert of milk ice cream is made by reducing the milk slowly in the oven, then transferring it to the grill, where he cooks it in a pile of small embers.

Credit: Karin De Winter

Photo of Spain by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

The Bio-Jungpfl anzen Markt ran by the Noah’s Ark seed savers association in Schiltern, Lower Austria is a cook’s dream. Hobby gardeners and small organic farmers from all over the country descend upon this small village with their rare plants, seeds and delicious homemade products, creating a real festive atmosphere. It is always a joy and an inspiration to walk the stalls and see, taste, and be inspired by the passion and creativity on display.

Credit: Westend61

Photo of Austria by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

For Those With A Touch Of OCD

It’s not just about a clean house for you; you need order in your life and everything needs to be spick and span. Even the destinations that you visit. That means no litter anywhere on the streets (obviously) and no pollutants in the air. And God save your fellow travellers if you fi nd a historic monument in disarray. While India is on an overdrive to be cleaner (if the Swachh Bharat tax and the motto on our new currency are any indication), the neat freaks should turn their eyes towards Scandinavia (we are assuming you have already scoured Switzerland).

Credit: Greg Balfour

Photo of Finland by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, made news last year for its witty board for tourists: “Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November. Except you, you badass. Welcome.” Even with a population of 5.4 million, it is one of the cleanest cities in the world and perhaps among the funniest. One third area of this harbourside city contains parks and it has over a hundred kilometre shoreline and 300 islands—you won’t have to go far if you want to go hiking in the forest or cycling in a botanical garden. And it’s a delight to look at the architecture here, which is a mix of modern buildings and neoclassical and art nouveau elements. Besides, there are no traffi c jams in the city. Even the spotless airport that off ers free sleeping pods, free Wi-Fi, and pleasant service is also a favourite amongst passengers.

Credit: Matthew Wakem

Photo of The Best Places To Visit In 2017 For Luxury Travellers by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

For Wellness Junkies

The Farm at San Benito

A 90-minute drive north of the Philippine capital, Manila, in the Batangas hinterland, The Farm is an award-winning wellness sanctuary on a 49-hectare coconut plantation with an A-list-heavy global following. Woody Harrelson is among devotees who come to eat raw organic food, detox mind and body and immerse themselves in nature. Nature, that is, coaxed into a flawless, indulgent version of itself that elevates The Farm to ‘barefoot luxe.’ Each villa comes with a constant supply of virgin coconut oil, made on site. The jug is labelled ‘Oil of Life.’

Channel Your Inner Child


Drink a glass of Butter Beer Actually, everything at the Warner Brother’s Studio for Harry Potter in Leavesden, can bring out the glee-ful child in you. From real Butter Beer, to walking through Diagon Alley, to exploring Snape’s table of potions. It’s truly magical !

Credit: Nanuchka

Photo of London, United Kingdom by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Jordan, India, Egypt

Holiday in the Footsteps of Tintin Created through an exclusive association with Moulinsart, the rights holders to the work of Hergé, these holidays by On The Go Tours are a tremendous combination of travel today and the original Tintin trail. And as Tintin and his colourful entourage manage to charm just about everybody aged 7 to 77, they’ve designed the adventures to suit all ages and degrees of Tintin mania—from true afi cionados to the everyday fan. Itineraries include India, Egypt and Jordan (where The Cigars of the Pharaoh and The Red Sea Sharks were set).

Credit: Fabio Nodari

Photo of Jordan by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff

BBC’s Doctor Who is a cultural phenomenon that is followed by millions of people in the world. If you are a die-hard fan of this fi ctional series, you have to go on The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff , UK. It’s the Mecca for Doctor Who fans, showcasing a variety of props and merchandise from the show and tours of the filming location. You could also step into TARDIS, which won’t help you travel through space time but is still pretty cool.

Credit: Bill Bachman

Photo of Cardiff, United Kingdom by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Anime meets awesomeness at Akihabara, Tokyo Moving on to the land that gave us fan favourite anime’s such as Naruto, Dragon Ball- Z, Monkey D. Luffy and of course Pokemon. Japan is a geek heaven and Akihabara district in Tokyo is its capital city. It boasts of the largest electronic market that sells not only cheap gadgets but is also a great place to get cheap Manga, Otaku and Anime related merchandise. Some places to check out here are Liberty stores where you will get second hand Anime DVD’s, CD’s and Blu-Rays, Akiba Culture Zone for a large variety of Manga and Anime merchandise and Cospa Gee Store which is a Cosplay haven.

For Twitchers

Have you resolved to find the most exotic bird species this year? You must plan a trip to the Otago Peninsula in New Zealand that is home to the rare Yellow-eyed penguin. You will also find the world’s smallest penguin, the Little Blue Penguins, the royal spoonbill, the white-faced heron, and the New Zealand Sea Lion. Travel 32 kilometres from the city centre to the Royal Albatross Centre, which is the world’s only breeding colony of albatross.

Credit: Shutterstock

Photo of New Zealand by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

For World War || Buffs

If you’re trailing the World War II sites, don’t stop in Europe. In another corner of the world, Okinawa, a beautiful Prefecture in Japan, draws tourists with its beaches and water sports, but it has a bloody history. The battle was the biggest land-sea-air invasion in history. In numbers: 5,45,000 Americans fought the Battle of Okinawa and 2,00,000 people were killed, including civilians who committed mass suicides. It’s a sobering experience to visit the Former Navy Underground Headquarters.

Credit: Auscape

Photo of Okinawa, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

In these passages and tunnels, many soldiers committed suicide when it became apparent that America has infi ltrated their defences. The Himeyuri Monument and museum is made in the memory of 240 students and teachers who worked as nursing staff at the army hospital and 227 of them lost their lives. The Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum in Itoman City was one of the battlegrounds. On the Cornerstone of Peace, the names of those who died during the battle—soldiers from each side and civilians—have been inscribed.

Credit: Astrakan Images

Photo of The Best Places To Visit In 2017 For Luxury Travellers by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

STAY The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa has views of the East China Sea and Motobu Peninsula.

For Eco-Lovers

Scuba Diving and Conservation

Credit: Martin Strmiska

Photo of The Best Places To Visit In 2017 For Luxury Travellers by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Combining a love of the ocean with the chance to conserve its fragile ecosystems is an incredibly rewarding opportunity for scuba divers with a green heart. Sodwana Bay is home to 50 kilometre of underwater habitat that constitutes one of the world’s most southerly tropical reef systems. In 2000, the bay became internationally known after divers rediscovered the prehistoric coelacanth in the depths of the park’s Jesser Canyon, but it is for the incredible biodiversity of the area’s shallower reefs that most divers fl ock there. Volunteer with non-profi ts like the Oceanic Society and Pod Volunteer, from identifying whale sharks to monitoring manta rays and turtles, to reef surveys, there’s loads of ways you can be helpful.

ADDED BENEFIT If you are a beginner, you will be given your PADI Open Water training during your f rst week. Qualifi ed Open Water divers can complete a PADI Advanced Open Water course, or depending on the length of your stay, choose from a range of dive speciality courses (eg Deep Diver, Nitrox, Peak Performance Buoyancy, etc) or the Rescue Diver course.

Credit: Juergen Ritterbach

Photo of Tahiti by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Swim with humpback whales From August to October each year, the gentle female giants of the sea give birth in the sheltered waters of French Polynesia. You will witness the bond between mother and calf, the song of the male humpback and the unique behaviour that can only be experienced first hand in the Tahitian waters.

HOT TIP Book the ‘Magical Humpbacks in Tahiti’ tour with Responsible Travel and spend nine nights on the beautiful island of Moorea with sparkling turquoise lagoons; and the immensely knowledgeable wildlife photographer Dr Olivier Betremieux.

Credit: Reinhard Dirscherl

Photo of Uganda by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Ultimate Primates Trip To trek into the rain forest and sit with a family of wild mountain gorillas, looking into the eyes of a huge silverback at close range, watching babies cling to their mothers, laughing at youngsters playing in the trees, is a life-enhancing experience for a wildlife lover. To capture amazing photographs of such encounters, travel with Natural Habitat Adventures, an organisation that partners with World Wildlife Fund and boasts of an expedition leader who is both a primate naturalist and an accomplished photographer.

HARDCORE VALUE The itinerary is unique that it takes you deep into primate territory that others don’t have access to.

Sea turtles, coral reefs and culture

Credit: Helmut Cornel

Photo of Cuba by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

See two sides of Cuba—art and science. Join a group to explore the coastal wildlife and valleys–snorkel, dive, see nesting sea turtles, rare birds and visit organic farms. Embrace Cuban culture with tours of historic Havana, live jazz performances, authentic Cuban food, and visits to museums and markets. Meet and learn from Cuban marine biologists and conservationists. This programme is off ered with SEE Turtles, Cuba Marine Research & Conservation Program, and Altruvistas.

HARDCORE VALUE An impressive lineup of Cuban insiders will entertain and enlighten all along the way. On the coast, biologist Dr Julia Azanza will guide the group through the fragile sea turtle nesting site visits.

Credit: Laura Ramin&Larry Dalton

Photo of Pantanal - State of Paraná, Brazil by Travel+Leisure India & South Asia

Close encounters with Jaguars The Pantanal holds the world’s highest density of wild jaguars, stay in the heart of this region for amazing sightings. Unlike in other areas, jaguars here are active during the day, off ering excellent chances to see these elusive cats in the wild. Along the way, also expect to see giant river otters, anteaters, tapir, capybaras, hyacinth macaw, and the world’s largest stork, the jabiru. The Oceanic Society organises a nine-day expedition, guided by award-winning nature photographer Pete Oxford, that ends at South Wild Pantanal Lodge where more than 300 bird species have been recorded. Expedition dates: July 16-26, 2017.

ADDED BENEFIT You will be staying at the only hotel that’s inside the Iguassu National Park, so you’ll also be just a short walk from the incredible falls— allowing you to visit the falls at dawn and dusk when other visitors have vacated the park.

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