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7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
6:00 AM - 12:30 PM and 4:00 Pm - 8:30 PM
September - May
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Brihadeeshwara Temple

One of the best examples of temple architecture and also one of the tallest temples in the world, this dates back to the 11th Century. The temple was built in Thanjavir by the famous Chola King Chola Raja I and is completely in the Dravidian style of architecture. The awesome part is that the top portion of the temple is built in such a way that it never casts a shadow on the ground during noon. Each and every portion of the temple is widely encarved with motifs and patterns of gods and goddesses. The temple is surrounded with a high wall and the entrance has stone structures beautifully standing till date. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and a beautiful idol is placed in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.
Sunil Sahu
.Brahadashwra Temple ThanjevurBrihadishvara Temple, also called Rajarajesvaram or Peruvudaiyār Kōvil, is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located in South bank of Kaveri river in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.[1][3] It is one of the largest South Indian temples and an exemplary example of a fully realized Dravidian architecture.[4] It is called as Dhakshina Meru (Meru of south).[5] Built by Tamil king Raja Raja Chola I.
abhijit yeole
Brihadeeshwar temple is walking distance from the old Bus stand. At the first glimpse itself it looks massive. At the entrance a huge Gopura is seen leading to another Gopura and further to the temple.The temple is built in 11th century by the king Rajraja Chol, hence, the temple is also known Rajrajeshwaram or the locals also call it as Peruvudaiyār Kōvil. It was built around the moat of River Kaveri. This whole temple is built out of granite.It is very famous for the quality of sculptures as well as has one of the largest Shiva Lingas in India. There are many 10-11th century brass idols in the temple.Describing this temple in itself would be a different blog. It took more than 2.5 hours to see the complete temple. Though at this time there is certain repair and painting work going on and the temple would be completely open only after February'2020 which marks the maha kumbh abhishek. All the shrines were locked and the idols were masked. Only the Mukhmandap was open to see, further mandapams and the sanctum were not open.
Nithin S P
The Thanjavor temple (known as Tanjore big temple) is one of the nominations for 7 wonders of the world last time. Main reason being the architectural marvel i.e. the shadow of the main temple do not fall on earth at any point of time.This temple has lot of learning where a marvel was build in the era where no computers, engineers, cranes, JCBs, escalators etc.
Monika Swarna
Thanjavur Bruhadeeswarar temple is one of the UNESCO world heritage site constructed by Chola dynasty in Dravidan architecture style in 11th century dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple main gopuram is so high that one can see it from the road on the way of temple. This place is great, as it was early morning there were less visitors. It was so calm and serene. The temple has a massive corridor constructed by granite and also the temple is home to one of the largest Shiva lings in India. There is a huge mandapa dedicated to Nandi in front of main shirine. The Gopuram walls are filled with carvings of mythical characters. I promised to return back to the temple and left for Madhurai.We had breakfast on the way and after crossing Trichy our car slowed down, but luckily stopped just infront of mechanic shop. It was raining heavily and it took 4 hours to repair. We spent our time playing UNO cards. So we thought to skip Rameshwaram and went to Madhurai Meenakshi amman temple.
Located in the city of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, Brihadeeswara is one of the largest South Indian temples. The temple is completely made of granite, making it look charming and elegant. This is one of those South Indian temples that are bound to please to the aesthete within you. So here’s where you can conduct your simple temple yet destination wedding.