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Sea of Galilee

One of the most important sites of the country, the Sea of Galilee is the lowest fresh-water lake in the world and expands up to 52km in circumference. The stunning blues of the sea are unimaginable, and thus, a site one must witness at least once in their lives. Christians from all over the world visit the Sea because of the huge religious significance attached to it. It is said that this is the holy water upon which Jesus Christ performed the miracle of walking on water.
Munjal Desai
We went to see Sea of Galilee from Nazareth. Sea of Galilee is the largest fresh water lake in Israel. We went for a special boat ride in Sea of Galilee from Ginosar. And we stayed in Tiberias. We went for a walk in the evening. One thing to make sure is that everything is closed on Shabbat that is holiday.
After this we spent an hour on a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, a tranquil and beautiful lake on which Jesus walked and fished with his disciples. The Indian flag was unfurled on the boat with all of us proudly singing our national anthem. Many of the stories in the gospel have this area as their geographical location, and it was from around the lake that Jesus chose his disciples. The sea is known by various names: Tiberias, Kinnereth (since its shape is like a Jewish harp) or Gennesareth, the region in which it sits. Soon it was lunch time and we were delighted to be served the St. Peter’s fish alongside the Sea of Galilee. After the sumptuous meal we moved towards Yardenit – Jordan River on the Israel side. The Jordan River is a river in Southwest Asia which flows into the Dead Sea. It originates approximately 200 meters above sea level on the slopes of Mt. Hermon, Israel. It is in this river John the Baptist descended Jesus and the Holy Spirit appeared in the form of a white pigeon. This was one of the most exciting events of their journey in the Holy Land. Just sitting beside the holiest river, touching the water which was once touched by Jesus himself was an un-explainable feeling in itself.
Munjal Desai
Sunrise at The Sea of Galilee (Lake Kineret), where Jesus walked on water.