Float In The Dead Sea and Much More, Only at Israel: A Holiday Guide


One of the most sacred hot-spots for several religions in the world, Israel is a beautiful country in the conflicted Middle East. Famously known as the holy land, Israel is is home to some of the best natural wonders of the world that are a must visit for all those who love to travel. The mighty oceans, the wide-expanses of deserts and numerous oasis are a window into Israel as well as the history of the Middle East. So, for you next vacation, try something new and plan a visit to Israel to know more about its rich culture and dynamic history. Here are the top things to do while you're in Israel.

One of the most important sites of the country, the Sea of Galilee is the lowest fresh-water lake in the world and expands up to 52km in circumference. The stunning blues of the sea are unimaginable, and thus, a site one must witness at least once in their lives. Christians from all over the world visit the Sea because of the huge religious significance attached to it. It is said that this is the holy water upon which Jesus Christ performed the miracle of walking on water.

The gorgeous Galilee Sea. Image Credit: Pacman

Photo of Sea of Galilee by Saumiabee

Western side of the Galilee Sea. Image Credit: Geagea

Photo of Float In The Dead Sea and Much More, Only at Israel: A Holiday Guide by Saumiabee

Things to do around Galilee Sea:

- The Kinnernet area of the sea is one of the most visited sites. Here, you can indulge in some water adventure, you can kite-surf, wind-surf, do some canoeing or visit an amusement park.

- The hot springs around Kinnernet consist of 17 ancient pools and are a must visit for spas, massages and exotic Turkish baths.

The Korazim National Park is a perfect site for history and archaeology enthusiasts. This park hosts the preserved remains of the ancient Jewish town, Korazim. Exploring the national park is one of the best things to do in Israel.

Ancient ruins at Korazim Park. Image Credit: Geagea

Photo of Korazim National Park, Ezor Hatzor, Israel by Saumiabee

Israel's second largest city, Tel Aviv is the country's financial and technological hub. A coastal city, it is a must visit to witness Israel's development and opulence. A perfect destination for those who like to experience both, modernity and natural beauty.

The city lights at Tel Aviv shine just for you! Image Credit: Triggerhippie4

Photo of Tel Aviv District, Israel by Saumiabee

Things to do at Tel Aviv:

A 13km long beach that surrounds Tel Aviv, it is one of the most picturesque and beautiful beaches of the country. If you're around the beach during summer evenings or winter mornings, do catch the Israeli folk dances and also give it a try yourself. You can also make use of the promenade around the beach and have a good run.

The Gordon Beach, a tourist hotspot. Image credit: H20 Wikipedia Commons

Photo of Gordon Beach, Israel by Saumiabee

Old Jaffa is the oldest city in the world and a must visit while you're visiting Tel Aviv. Home to the best restaurants in Israel, Jaffa also boasts of exclusive art and design houses.

The ancient architecture of Old Jaffa city looking stark against the modern Tel Aviv. Truly, a fairy-tale world! Image Credit: Noam Armonn

Photo of Old City, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel by Saumiabee

This is definitely going to be the highlight of your trip, the reserve is right out of a fantasy novel.

Things to do at Ein Geidi Reserve:

This is one place where you will see the most important oasis of Israel, the breathtaking David waterfall, the Dudim cave, the Dry Canyon and the Arugot stream up to which you can also hike.

The magnificent David waterfall. Image Credit: Geagea

Photo of Ein Gedi Reserve, Ein Gedi, Israel by Saumiabee

Discover species of animals you have never seen before! Image Credit: Geagea

Photo of Ein Gedi Reserve, Ein Gedi, Israel by Saumiabee

Desert plantation at Ein Geidi . Image Credit: Ziko

Photo of Ein Gedi Reserve, Ein Gedi, Israel by Saumiabee

Apart from this, the reserve will introduce you to its abundant flora and fauna species, thus, making this trip very educational as well! If you're enthusiastic about plants and animals, then this is the place to be. The reserve also has an ancient Roman synagogue from the 3rd century that is now open to tourists.

This famous salt lakeis sure to be on your bucket list. So, I say, don't wait anymore, grab a ticket to Israel now! - Although most parts of the Dead Sea are banned for tourists to enter, you can still gain an experience of the most talked of 'sea' in the world. In the locations that you can enter, you will be needed to cover yourself properly with mud. It is only after this that you can enter the water to float like a dead man. Make sure that the water does not go into your eyes and nose, and you will feel the unnatural pressure coming from within the sea to keep you floating. So enjoy your time lazying on the sea and not just by the beach. After the mud is washed off, it will leave your skin beautiful and exfoliated. Experiencing the mysterious Dead Sea is the best thing to do in Israel.

The Dead Sea. Image Credit: Lehollaender

Photo of Dead Sea by Saumiabee

Have the experience of epic proportions, float in the Dead Sea. Image Credit: Itamar Grinberg

Photo of Dead Sea by Saumiabee

How to get to Israel:

Air: New Delhi and Israel are well connected, with about 130 weekly flights flying from New Delhi to Tel Aviv and 170 weekly flights from New Delhi to Eliat. The flight duration is about 12 hours on a non-connecting airplane.

Road: Although Israel is approachable via road from Delhi, it is suggested that one does not take this route because of the ongoing conflict within the entire region. The distance from Delhi to Israel is about 7,500km, so needless to say that it will be a super long journey to Israel by road. The route by road takes you through the following: New Delhi- Amritsar-Pakistan-Iran-Iraq-Jordan and finally, Israel. Remember you will need visas and driving permits for each country that you cross. The entire journey will take you approximately 15 days, assuming you cover a distance of 500km per day.

So, for your next vacation,visit Israel and see a facet of the world you could never imagine!

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