Phong NHA 1/10 by Tripoto

Phong NHA

Gaurang Garg
Phong Nha is a small town towards the Center of Vietnam. It is known for its national park which includes the world's biggest cave (Son Doong cave). I took the night bus from Hanoi to Phong Nha (experiencing the night bus is a must). This bus runs everyday from Hanoi backpackers Downtown. I stayed at the Phong Nha backpackers which was nothing great. Easy tiger hostel comes highly recommended amongst backpackers I did not do Son Doong cave since it takes 3000 dollars to see it. Instead, I did a full day tour of dark cave and paradise cave. Followed by the highlight of my trip, a two day one night excursion to the Tu Lan cave system through Oxalis Adventure tours. Though this tour is expensive, I would highly recommend it. This includes trekking through pristine jungles followed by a lot of swimming in the caves. Also, you get to stay in the Jungle for one night.