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Assi Ghat

This is a beautiful ghat on the southernmost region of Varanasi and is often the most popular among forest tourists, especially students. People make it a must point to take a dip here before they seek the blessings from the Shivalinga under the ancient peepal tree just on the banks of the river ghat. There is also the Asisangameshvar Temple dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva again. The name of this temple is such because it is situated on the confluence point of the Assi. A little distance from the temples there are twin tanks out of which the more popular has always been the Lorkar Tank which is unfortunately almost abandoned now. People however come and bath here during the Lorkar Fair when they seek blessings from the lord mainly for a male child. Another significance of this place is that this is said to be once of the places from where the Hindu religion originated.
Doyel Banerjee
অসি ঘাট
Bratati Adhikari
Preeti Rai
DAY 2: Places covered:- Morning Aarti(rituals) at Assi Ghat, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, SarnathAfter the late-night talks and almost with no sleep, we left for Assi Ghat ( morning aarti ) at 4 AM. It was yet again another angelic atmosphere . It was dark and a bit hazy yet crowded by not only with local people but also tourist. Morning aarti was incredible and divine. I took a few dips in holy Ganga and then moved to Kashi cafe. Its small cafe and offers coffee and snacks. We had coffee, as it was needed and then I separated from the group and en routed for Shri Kashi Vishwanath temple . The temple was overcrowded ,however, after the long queue and wait I managed to see lord shiva and immediately took an exit from the temple. On the way back to the hostel, I tried a famous breakfast, which are allo puri and jalebi. One can find many outlets on the road side.Raj (Zostel in charge) arranged my tour to Sarnath. Now it’s time to meet Shankar, the auto driver, who showed us another side of Varanasi. I would highly recommend to meet Shankar(auto driver) and to get more insight about the history of Varanasi as well as present situation and many other things . We started our journey to Sarnath, halted for tea, the famous kullad tea as suggested by Shankar and reached Sarnath. It was pleasant to visit the holy place of Budha and other nearby temples.There is museum and a store for silk items. I brought some beautiful silk scarfs at a reasonable price. Shankar showed us sacred alleys of Varanasi along with some ancient societies. After the half-day tour, we halted for lunch at Taste of Bananas. We ordered Bananasi Thali, which offers unlimited food for one pax . It was too much food for one person.Recommendation:- Shankar auto rise and do not forget to write reviews in his diaryCOST :- Breakfast @<50 ,Auto to Sarnath@300, Taste of Bananas@ 250
Assi ghat, is the 80th ghat, located at confluence of river Ganga and Asi. The ghat is popular among youngsters, as is near to university campus. It is situated in south of the city , and hence it is less crowded , more peaceful and clean.Manikarnika ghat, is the main cremation ghat where the dead bodies are burnt. According to Hindu mythology, it is the place where earring worn by Sati fell down when Lord Shiva was carrying her to Himalayas, and hence the name, Manikarnika (jewel of ear). People believe one who get cremated here, attains moksha(salvation).
Kaustav Sen
A walk on the ghats in the early morning air is invigorating and feels rather freshening. The Assi ghat is a good place to begin a ghat tour. One can walk the entire length of the ghats, and bypass the cremation ghats via bylanes easily. Do keep an eye out for amazing tea being made and served in the bylanes.