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Ajita Mahajan
VISIT THE VERY INTERESTING NASCHMARKTAn outdoor market with around 100 stalls of food and a few stalls that sell clothes and antiques. Take your time walking across the market, tasting food samples, buying some fresh fruits, and looking through the souvenirs.
Riya Dosani
Marketplaces often encapsulate the culture and an eternal charm of any city. Naschmarkt is an open-air market that stretches for around 1.5km. The stalls are stocked with a prolific variety of freshly grown fruits and vegetables, cheese and even seafood. It’s a great spot to observe the sounds, bustling atmosphere, and people while drinking to your coffee.
Oldest market in Vienna and probably the coolest place to hang around and watch vendors selling almost everything possible. Cheese, dried fruits, bacon, sausages, beautiful looking stuffed olives, desserts from across countries, hand painted crockery, flowers, fresh fruits and the list can just go on forever. The food stalls were very inviting serving different local and international cuisines - enjoy the pics!