Wiener Staatsoper 1/4 by Tripoto

Wiener Staatsoper

Diksha Sahni Ghosh
Where do you begin to explore a city with splendour like Vienna? The first evening in Vienna and I realized all my planned itineraries were starting to fail me. We decided to take the city bus from our hotel to the city centre and go with the flow. When we alighted in front of the Opera House, we got our answer! The Ringstrasse (or the Ring Road) is a 5.3 kilometres long stretch that traces the path of the Medieval city wall surrounded Vienna until 1860. Emperor Franz Joseph ordered its construction in 1857, replacing the Medieval wall with a grand boulevard – which today boasts of some of the most important sights in Vienna. The Ringstrasse was officially opened in 1865 and celebrates its 150th jubilee this year. If you are the walking kinds, then you can explore the area on foot – pausing in between to admire the grandeur of the buildings that you find along the way. Those who prefer more comfort, the Vienna Ring Tram departs every 30 minutes from Schwedenplatz and goes around the Ringstrasse, offering an interactive system with its audio-visual system. Another way to explore it is through the Hop-on Hop off bus tour. Just perch yourself on the top deck and you would find yourself going around the Ringstrasse. If you go around the Ringstrasse, you will acquaint yourself with almost all the important attractions in the city centre such as the Opera House, the Museum Quartier (housing the Museum of Natural History, the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Modern Art Museum), Heldenplatz, the Parliament and the City Hall (Rathaus).