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Dong Hoi

A glimplse of DAY 4 of our vietnam trip...We took a early morning train from hue to dong hoi..we had dragon fruit at station..guess the price ??? .It's just 20 rs in our currency..where as in india it's 200 rs 😛...coming to our day..we reached dong hoi at around 9 A.M and  from there  rented a cab...we left our luggage at cloak room in railway sation...our first stop was at paradise cave...Formed over 300-400 MILLION years ago...guess when this cave was found???It was found by a local man in 2005 and then explored by British cave reasearch association...After seeing it's beauty it was named as PARADISE CAVE.....It's one of the world's largest and magnificent's 31 km long with underground streams  but only 1 km is open to visitors...It wasn't easy for us to reach this cave..first two km was a buggy ride and then we climbed around 500 steps ...😨😰..but the Trek was beautiful though...Vietnam is home to world's largest cave called Son Doong Cave..and requires 4 days to explore and you need to be physically very fit and know swimming to explore this's my husband's dream to explore this cave ...and you should be a brave heart too ☺️It was my husband's idea to visit atlesat one cave in vietnam..vietnam has world's largest caves and few caves have entire ecosystem ...our next stop was at pongh nah cave...We took a small boat ride into this cave and guess what..there is beach inside this cave..
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On the other hand, Cat Ba Town is not commercially exploited yet. So, choose a place in the town that gives you views of the mountains around. Meanwhile, we got back to Hanoi in the same way. Hopped onto a ferry with the locals, experienced rain along the way in the bay, got to Hanoi Railway Station to catch an overnight train to Dong Hoi.This was a not-so-comfortable train journey. Yet, we managed to get to Dong Hoi, the waterfront city. We chose Dong Hoi because we registered for the Hang Va Cave expedition which in the Phong Nha National Park, 45 mins from Dong Hoi. That whole day was spent in walking around the city, exploring the Dong Hoi local market, talking to the locals, exploring cafes and randomly sitting at the waterfront. This has been our most favourite city during our Vietnam visit.