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Hà Giang

Eeshat Tiwary
Away from streets abuzz with whizzing scooters, tiny stalls selling steaming noodle bowls, and endless rows of massage parlours, Ha Giang (pronounced ha-jung) is an alpine gem that is yet to feature on travel shows, wanderlust-inspiring Instagram handles or clickbait listicles that tell you about the X best things to do in Vietnam.
Shaurya Veer Suda
My favorite place in vietnam and the most authentic place in north vietnam. You can rent a motorbike to go all the way uptill van doghn(china-vietnam border).The average time to make a round trip would be 4-5 days. It is a breathtaking view once you start the ascend. There is wi-fi in almost every hotel you stay.The cheapest stay you could find would be 6$.Once you start your ride make sure you're carrying a permit to enter the van doghn border.Once you reach there you have to climb an odd 300 steps to reach on the top of the tower from where you can see the chinese border. One of the most beautiful passes in the world the ma pi leng pass. It is a 23km long stretch of beautiful scenery, which makes you stop after every 100m to take a snap. The perfectly sketched mountains makes it hard not to look at them at every moment. However be careful while riding, it is a dangerous pass with trucks coming at every point of time.Where to rent the bikes:- johny tran.Vietnam is a place where i would go whenever i get a chance to, it is worth the money you put in, and if you are looking to travel on a low cost then my friend this is the place for you. The average trip (excluding the airfare) would cost you 250-400$.paradise for sky loversthe exciting placethe most authentic and beautiful place in vietnamFrequent Searches Leading To This Page:-India To Vietnam Flight Cost, Hyd To Vietnam Tour Package, Vietnam Travel Package Deals, Northern Vietnam Tour Package, Cheapest Vietnam Tour Package From India, Vietnam Tour Package From Kerala, Vietnam Tour Package For 3 Days