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If you are heading from South Vietnam to North, you will come across the city of Hue in central Vietnam. It is worth a quick-stop as it has The Imperial Citadel, and a beautiful Thien Mu Pagoda (The Temple of the Celestial Lady). One can rent a Bicycle and Ride along the Countryside to visit markets and meet locals.PS: Imperial Tombs – tombs of Tu Duc, Khai Dinh, and Minh Mang have hefty entrance and parking fees and are NOT worth visiting.
Jemima Durnford
It was a beautiful building apart from we opted for no air con and it was ridiculously hot! We were on the top floor where of course most of the heat gathers and after a couple of nights I couldn't take it anymore and was getting irritable so we moved to air con which made me much happier. When in Hue we visited the citadel which is an Imperial enclosure with restored buildings and ruins. It was about the most interesting sight Hue has to offer which isn't saying much. We wandered around and found a famous wall covered with bullet holes. The other popular sight are the many royal tombs dotted around the countryside surrounding the city. We rode to the one most visited called Tomb of Tu Duc. On arrival we payed the tourist price as usual and explored the grounds. It was pleasant but not spectacular.
A day tour of Hue. (Touristy, but well organized. You get enough time for each place.) Night stay at Hue.On our second day in the city, we went on a typical 8 dollar tourist bus that took us to all the major destinations around Hue:Pagoda of the Celestial LadyTomb of Khai DinhTomb of Tu DucThai Hoa PalaceCung Dien Tho
Early morning bus to Hue. Reach Hue by 10.30 am. Hue Walk of Revolution tour by BeeBee tours. Enjoy nightlife with some pub hopping. Night stay at Hue.Hue is famous for the Imperial Citadel with a Forbidden City, modeled after the one in China.
Next early morning, I packed my bags for another destination Hue. It's a 3-4 hour journey from Hoi An by bus. So, I had my stay planned at this stunning place called Beach Bar Cafe, almost 45 minutes to an hour away from the centre. This place except for its aesthetics and a super private beach had huge disadvantages. Firstly, it wasn't distance friendly at all, then I personally feel the amenities were bad over there. I was lucky to have the entire dorm to myself as there were no bookings then. That dorm was claustrophobic and very uncomfortable. It only makes sense staying here if you're in a group or with someone, or are all up with all the problems that come with staying at such a far-off place. I compensated all that with the sheer beauty and a terrific solitude at the great beach outside this property. I spent the entire day chilling at Beach Bar.