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Phu Quoc

Charvi and Jaymine
Just off the mainland, you can find an ideal getaway for many couples- Phu Quoc Island. This gorgeous and pristine paradise is exactly where you should spend your enjoyable honeymoon in Vietnam. The island is not only enchanted by its unspoiled beaches with emerald water and breathtaking landscapes but also its hidden gem - National Park- a great place for big fans of nature. Take your partner to some of its best with a thrilling experience. There are a lot to see when venturing deep into the jungle: beautiful hiking paths, majestic views over the jungle, mountains, and ocean.
The very next day went to Phu Quoc Island which is an hour flight from HCMC. I stayed there in Antinho hostel for two nights. This island is not really small, so if one wants to explore it properly should rent a motorbike. Boi Sai Beach and Ong Lang beach took my breath away, the most beautiful places you can say. Boi Sai is quite crowded while the latter one is more of tranquil. Phu Quoc night Market is amazing place to have local food and to buy jewelleries especially pearls. From the hostel I got a friend named Toby from Germany who was backpacking for 8 months in Asia. That's the thing about hostels where you can find travelers from in and across the world.
Cecilia Lockman
Stayed at the Moon Resort in my own private bungalow, but it rained the entire time. Met up with a guy that I had met waiting at the airport and we rode around in the rain on a motorbike. We found this amazing waterfall where all of the locals swim and hang out which I would recommend finding for sure. The night market is okay, seemed like a pretty relaxing atmosphere. We grabbed some beers and sat on a bench up on a rock near the lighthouse and hung out. Unfortunately it only stopped raining at night, so I would go off of someone else's opinion of this place. I'm sure it's lovely but we didn't really get to experience too much.