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Hoi An
Nitin Bothra
4. Ancient World Heritage Site Hoi AnHoi An, Vietnam was an important trading port from the 15th to the 19th century and has had a major harbor since the 1st century. "Ancient" is really a more apt description than "old" for the town, but it still has a feeling of being incredibly cosmopolitan and bustling. The town reflects influences from Vietnam and from all of the different cultures that have been coming together there for trade for the last couple thousand of years.There is a decidedly unreal feeling you get wandering around the streets of the Ancient city. A feeling I found to be more dream-like than Disneyland, and the people who live there seem to take pride in how beautiful and well-preserved the town is. The yellow houses and shops were really giving an artistic perspective to the town. The streets near the river were full of creative minded backpackers and travelers from around the world. Everyone there looked peaceful and happy, gazing the exquisite scenic beauty of Hoi An.A photo posted by Nitin Bothra (@indian.excursionist) onA photo posted by Nitin Bothra (@indian.excursionist) onA photo posted by Nitin Bothra (@indian.excursionist) onA photo posted by Nitin Bothra (@indian.excursionist) on5. People of VietnamAccording to me, if you want to judge a place, you have to consider two things, food and people. Some countries have really reserved people and they don't love to interact or even smile in return.But Vietnam was completely different. People were happy and had a curious mind towards tourist. Vietnamese are hard working and always give a cute smile, if you make an eye contact with them. The young Vietnam is completely influenced by the western culture and loves to party a lot, but on the other hand they never sacrifice their work for entertainment. They are, what you call the type of people who believed in, "Work while you work and Play while you play."I would recommend everyone to park their doubts about this small, yet beautiful country and just travel through every part of it. We didn't have enough time to explore Sapa, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Saigon, but I still regret about not extending the trip. But anyways, I will come again Vietnam, till thenThis blog was originally published on 'Indian Excursionist'
Wandering Corn
Read my next blog to know about how i get to Hoi an.#vietnam #solo #trip #Tet #saigon #mekongdelta
Vishal Taneja
I had already booked my flight from Hanoi to DaNang. Hoi An is 30 minutes from Da Nang and is a village famous for lanterns, super-quick stitched suits and pubs. I was there for 4 more days.On the first day at Hoi An, I decided to hit the pub. The best thing about backpacking is, you meet fellow travelers every now and then. We left from our hostel to Tiger Tiger, the famous bar in Hoi An and to our luck they offered us 1 vodka bottle & a sheesah per 4 people. And yes, we were 10+ by the time reached there. It was hell of a night.
Nidhi Jakhodia