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Flora Fountain

Located in the South Bombay Business District, this is one of the heritage structures of the city at present. This structure built in Portland stone was built in the memory of the brave men who laid their lives during the time when the state of Maharashtra was being created. There are two martyr statues here who hold torches and the main structure is that of the beautiful Flora- The Roman Goddess of flowers. Around this monument are built many of the colonial buildings of the city and the base of this structure is still where you will find many offices and banks. This is also one of the most important landmarks of the city which is a visual treat when it is lit up in the evening.
The Wandering Wolf
Standing at the Hutatma Chowk (Martyr's Square), next to statue of a "Martyr with a Flame" at a Square in South Mumbai. Formally intended for the Victoria Gardens. Stands tall to the opposite the Bombay High Court. Complete white structure. Statue of A lady stands on the top of the fountain. More often they don't start the water, but its still beautiful. Just gorgeous....see for yourself if your in South Mumbai. Bright White Lights are used to Create a stunning view of the fountain.
Raconteur Walks
Then walk down D.N.Road, also called the Heritage Mile of Mumbai, while admiring one of the oldest parts of the city(almost as old as the city itself) which even today is reminiscence of it colonial past and make your way to the ornate Flora Fountain. Here take a minute to soak in the atmosphere of one of the busiest precincts’ of Mumbai.