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David & Veronica
However, when it came to picking just one special town, we decided that Valladolid had to be it. Considered to be the most perfectly preserved colonial city in all of Mexico, it was hard not to be completely captivated while wandering its streets.The combination of the Mayan and Spanish has survived so stunningly that at times we felt as though we had stepped into a time capsule and been transported back a couple of centuries.Antarctica:The bottom of the world is the one continent that we have yet to visit so we can't pick a favorite.Good thing it doesn't have any cities so we don't have to.David & Veronica, YOUR TURN: What would your picks be? We'd love to hear. This blog was originally published on The Gypsynesters.
The Church at Vallalodid er for lunch to Hacienda Selva Maya. They had served up a buffet of Mexican food for us and I don't know if it was the hunger or something else, but that was hands down the best Mexican food I've ever had. Post lunch, we headed over for our final stop, before the drive back, to Vallolodid, this Spanish colonial town was first set up in the 17th century . This historical city has the oldest church in the Yucatan, colonial Spanish architecture, family-run shops and wonderful crafts by local artisans.