Bohemian Switzerland - Hiking in Czech Republic

12th Aug 2017
Photo of Bohemian Switzerland - Hiking in Czech Republic by ANshul Sharma
Watch my Czechia trip summed up in 3 minutes.

I love Czechia. I love it so much that I have visited Czech Republic 8 times in past one year. In this post I will be specifically covering Bohemian Switzerland. It lies in the northern part of Czechia along with German Border. The area is covered with forest and sandstone hills which use to lie under the sea millions of years ago. There are a number of trails you can do in this region. Each one of them giving you a unique experience. I will be specifically covering the one I took which leads you straight to Pravčická brána, the largest natural Sandstone Arch in Europe. You may have spotted this sight in the movie Narnia. I have attached a video above which covers my Trip to Czechia and Slovakia

Pravcicka Brana

Photo of Prague, Czechia by ANshul Sharma
Day 1

We started off by taking a train from Prague to Decin. It was somewhat around 2 hours. From Decin we had a direct bus to a village called Hrensko. Our hike was suppose to start form here. The village is bordered with Germany, divided by the river Elbe. We had a decent lunch and a double espresso to get ready for the hike.

Photo of Děčín, Czechia by ANshul Sharma

The hike was quite easy, Deep in the woods walking on the sandstone hills. The path was sometimes slippery because of the eroded sand form the hills. When you reach Pravcicka brana, you have access to a restaurant and cafe with a beautiful view of Bohemian Switzerland. Sadly, now its prohibited togo on top of the window. But that didn't stop me from going around the window and sit on a spot with my feet dangling off the rock.

Photo of Pravčická brána, Hřensko, Czechia by ANshul Sharma

We finished our hike right where we started and form there we walked towards Edmund Gorge. Yet another less explored gem in Czechia. The whole walk was along the river squeezed between giant sandstone rocks which led us to the place where we got on a boat to explore Edmund Gorge further. Incidentally we were of the last boat so we did not have to line up and we could experience the beauty in peace. At the end of the ride if you are in time you can also get another boat which would get you further deep in the Gorge. Sadly, we were too late.

We were back just in time for our last bus back to Decin followed by a train to Prague. All in all it was a very pleasing hike which offers you a majestic view of Czech Switzerland from Pravcicka brana. Also, the hike is complemented with boat ride in Edmund Gorge which personally was my favorite part. And, all of this is just one day trip from Prague.