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Try Absinth Ice-cream This was the biggest surprise for me in the Prague!...

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Bringing the statues and monuments to life with spellbinding tales of myth, legend and heroism, our guide will then lead you past the famous Castle Guards and into the Prague Castle....

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The Prague Castle, an ancient symbol of the Czech lands, is the most significant Czech monument and one of the most important cultural institutions in the Czech Republic.A UNESCO World Heritage site, it consists of a large-scale composition of palaces and ecclesiastical buildings of various architectural styles, from Roman-style buildings from the 10th century through Gothic modifications in the 14th century.
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Between Mala Strana and the Old Town, Prague 11000
rague's most stunning bridge spans 16 arches and is lined with 30 Baroque statues of religious figures. 1700 feet of Cobblestone pavement - an architectural awe. The best View of the Vltava River ofcourse.
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About Prague

Day 5In no mood to leave Budapest, we hopped on to the 6 hour long train to Prague witnessing some of the most picturesque landscapes, straight out of my painting book.Sun-kissed in Budapest, wearing summery shorts.Cut to reaching Prague in the evening. It's almost like it was going to snow. We were in for the coldest two days of our lives.Honestly, most of our time in Prague was spent figuring out the maze like roads, all leading to Old Town Square. The rest of the time was spent shivering, and walking on the Charles Bridge, with musicians playing the best of street music.What not to miss in Prague - Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Frida Kahlo's Museum and the infamous Pub Crawl.Trust me, it will be the best night of your night that you will never remember.

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Best time to visit Prague is from June to October

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