Pune Blog - Best Places for Tandoori Momos, Misal Pav & Filter Coffee

Pune vlog part 2 | Tandoori Momo | Misal | Filter Coffee

In this vlog we went to Birla Ganpati temple which is unique and one of the tallest Ganpati statues. Fact about the temple:

° Height of the statue is 72 feet

° Weight is about 1000 tonnes or 1000000 kg.

° Made of cement, steel and coated with copper.

After that, we had lunch and reached Pune by 7 or 8 pm. Guess what we did first, we had Tandoori momos in Kharadi. Streeto serves one of the amazing momos in Pune. They serve veg and non-veg momos. If you ask me I like non-veg more than veg momos.

And wait!

Pune gaye aur misal pav ni khaya!

Katakirr is my favourite spot to have misal pav. They are in different locations like Tilak road, Baner, DP road near station and more.

Last but not least, we wrapped our day with a filter coffee from Madras coffee house.

So tell me your favourite spots for Misal pav, Tandoori momos or filter coffee.

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